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4 tips for leaning programming easily

Small robots are standing around a laptop, which its screen shows a coding word.

Programming between fact and cinemas:

Did you watch the movie Mr. Robot? In that film, Elliot was a technological genius and Hankering worked at a programing company. The movie depicted programming as it is commonly shown in cinemas and the mass media, but this is not the way programming actually works.

How do we treat with the computer?

Coding uses computer languages that are like any other language. These languages facilitate speaking with computers. Just as you must learn a foreign language to communicate with people who don’t speak your language, you must learn a computer language to speak to a computer. It is easy to do: Just find a solid starting point and build your vocabulary from there.

What is programming?

Programing is a language like any other. It has its own grammar and syntax that must be followed. There are three levels of programming languages as compared to human language:

  • Machine language: Typically in 1s and 0s, it is far from human language
  • Low-level language:With a syntax that does not resemble natural language, it has a medium relationship with human language.
  • High-level language: Resembles natural language, giving it a close relationship to human language.

Here are a few examples of the differences between English and a high-level language:

If 3<5 if (3<5)

While While

Continue Continue

Do you see how simple it is?

Tips for learning programming easily:

  1. Learning a new language can be difficult, but you must be patient and refuse to give up. Begin with the basics and gradually work up to the more difficult elements. If you use RoboGarden to get started, you’ll be provided with all you need to know about learning the basics of two programming languages: Java and Python. It’ll be easy and you’ll never grow bored. Try it now!

  2. A love of learning and an adventurous soul are important as you learn to code. Programming is a wide field with enormous information you need to take in so that you can progress. RoboGarden offers adventures filled with missions comprised of puzzles that must be solved. Each step is full of general information from all STEAM subjects, making RoboGarden a well-rounded tool to help make learning fun.

  3. If you have excellent critical thinking and problem solving skills, you should start to learn programming right away. A programmer’s job is writing code, finding and resolving bugs through problem solving, and determining several scenarios that may solve a problem and developing these solutions to find the best one.

  4. If you choose the correct platform from which to learn to code, you will enjoy the challenge of this new skill. Start learning today and join us on RoboGarden for a fun and easy method of learning to code. RoboGarden lets you learn about programming along with the world around you as you play games. Best of all, when you complete the course you'll be qualified as a successful programmer. It’s less effort and more fun, so try it now.

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