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5 skills can kids develop from coding

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Kids' passion for technology:

Technology is double-edged sword. On the one hand, kids are attracted to technology from mobile phones to tablets to laptops. They adore using it so much that young children may become proficient with these devices before they even learn to speak. On the other hand, children are addicted to technology, sometimes to the detriment of other, real-world skills.

The benefit of coding at the early age:

It is becoming increasingly common for some countries to leverage children’s passions for technology by teaching them to code at a very young age. In some cases, a coding education can start as early as five years of age!

Coding is a science that combines critical thinking, logic skills, and creativity. It is the foundation of all the technology that is ubiquitous in our lives. Teaching kids to code benefits their minds, gives them great future career prospects, and can even impact their characters.

Skills of learning coding:

Here are some important skills that can be improved by learning to code:

  1. Better digital knowledge
  2. Digital knowledge is now as fundamentally important as learning the basics of reading. Literacy teaches kids about the world around them, while coding knowledge pushes them to understand machines and the growing role of technology in society.

  3. Problem solving and logical thinking skills
  4. Finding problems to solve and then discovering solutions to those problems is a programmer’s job. Programmers’ minds never stop churning through the possibilities and considering the logical implications as they work to come up with the most elegant solution possible.

  5. Creativity and innovation
  6. It is vital to promote creativity in our children as they learn about technology and its applications. One of the biggest benefits of learning to code is that the problem-solving skills required to craft eloquent solutions requires creative thinking, a skill that will benefit children in all areas of their lives.

  7. Computing intelligence
  8. There’s a big difference between learning to use a computer and learning about how computers think. Coding helps us understand why the computer does certain things through the combination of computer science concepts like algorithms, abstract models, data analysis, and extracting key information and dealing with complex systems. As they progress in their education, students learn handle problems step by step. They benefit from their mistakes, which improve their mental abilities.

  9. Unique opportunities in the job market
  10. The job market currently suffers from a lack of coders since there aren’t enough students learning to code to fulfill the current need. This has caused huge problems as companies compete to hire the programmers that are available. Coding has a huge job market; every company needs coders, regardless of the type of product or service it is selling.

The smart solution to learn to code:

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