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Let’s control LEGO EV3 Using RoboFellow Demos

Cartoon image showing LEGO Mindstorms EV3 robot on RoboFellow app

Have you thought about buying LEGO EV3 as a gift for your kids? If so, you may be worried about them using it improperly, or not using it at all. RoboGarden has developed the RoboFellow app to spread EV3 culture and to help kids learn about using their robot in a smart way.

What is EV3?

The EV3 robot is the latest version of the LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics, which are assembled from LEGO pieces and encourage kids to use creative methods. EV3 includes various sensors and moving parts that can be combined in a variety of ways to create different shapes for robot styles. You can read this article to learn more about EV3 and its sensors.

RoboFellow and EV3:

RoboFellow’s goal is to make learning more enjoyable. This is accomplished through play with six legendary EV3 demos where kids can learn new skills.

EV3 RoboFellow Demos

  • 1. Line Follower

    Your kids will learn about the robot’s movements, rotation, and mathematical concepts as they code to control their EV3. You just need to prepare a black path and then start playing! The EV3 will follow the path back and forth.

  • 2. Superman

    Kids can use this opportunity to act like a super hero when the EV3 follows their hand’s instructions. Kids will learn how to make the robot’s movements follow the movement of their hands using amazing new coding blocks.

  • 3. Avoid Obstacles

    Using its infrared sensors, the RoboFellow EV3 can recognize objects blocking its path. It can avoid these obstacles by moving forward or backward.

  • 4. Remote

    Draw colored lines to build a maze. The robot’s color sensors will help your kids drive their EV3 out of the maze remotely using movement blocks and others.

  • 5. Color Circle

    This demo is not only a programming demo, but also a lifestyle demo where kids can learn more about traffic lights and their instructions. Kids can change EV3's speed according to the color of the circle. If it’s green the robot should go ahead. If the circle is red the robot must stop. Finally, if the circle color is yellow the EV3 should slow down.

  • 6. Keep Inside

    Kids must keep EV3 inside a border of any color. This is the opposite of the first demo, “Line Follower.” Now, the robot must avoid the colored path.

RoboGarden aims to make it easy to learn about technology no matter where in the world you are. Just register for free and enjoy our fun learning games. If you have already gotten an EV3 robot, you can easily control and program it through our amazing lifestyle gamification in the RoboFellow app.

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Kids are quick to fall in love with new challenges. This is especially true for visual and challenges, making robotics the most effective way to practice coding.

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