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RoboGarden has developed their courses (journeys) taking into their consideration the key skills and learning outcomes of the K12 education curriculum outcomes. The lessons are designed with the learning outcomes matching those corresponding in the same age group as in the Ontario curriculum

Like, for example, the math skills that should be acquired by students in K1 mentioned Here

Carefully designed, the RoboGarden scenarios are tailored to many age groups and the different learnings were extracted from school curriculums and fused into the story. The learnings are then categorized by age groups.

These include:

- Problem Solving:
Posing missions that require applying problem-solving strategies to pose and solve problems and conduct investigations to help deepen mathematical understanding. Meanwhile, the journey themed Christmas mission covers the following:

Counting by twos, fives and tens with pictures
Which even or odd number comes before or after ?
Ways to make a number - addition sentences
Making a number using addition - sums up to 10
Adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number - without regrouping
Adding a one-digit number to a two-digit number - with regrouping
Adding three numbers - word problems
Ways to make a number - subtraction sentences
Ways to subtract from a number - subtraction sentences
Make a number using subtraction - numbers up to 10
Subtraction word problems - numbers up to 10

To cover the aforementioned points in problem solving, the addition triangle developed at RoboGarden labs is a brilliant way to introduce addition and subtraction to learners with a lot of missions based on it with increasing difficulty.

- Reasoning and Proving/Applying/Developing Reasoning Skills (e.g., pattern recognition, classification) to make and investigate conjectures (e.g., through discussion with others);
Shape patterns Make a pattern Sort shapes into a Venn diagram Put numbers in order are also covered in the missions of drawing specific characters in the themed birthday party journey. Here, the students are required to draw the characters that construct the word happy and the word birthday as shown.

These are just some of the ways in which RoboGarden has taken into consideration the learning needs of different age groups, with learnings suitable for every group. This is the true definition of alternative and blended education.

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