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Artificial Intelligence; the Future of Education for Kids

Two kids are playing with robots.

Artificial intelligence is formulating a huge part of our everyday life, everything is becoming “smart”, starting from mobile phones and even ending with parking places. The 21st century proved that coding is the language of the future and kids are supposed to gain this skill early in their lives in order to fit in the future, and this is part of what artificial intelligence and robotics are, that’s why AI in education should definitely be the future of schools.

In order to let kids understand why everything around them is turning to become smart, they should grasp the whole idea of how robots might be able to do everything in the future, they might even let people stay at home to get their jobs done, which is exactly the same reason why kids should have the skills that would make them competitive in the future.

How to Make Artificial Intelligence Part of Education?

Due to the appearance of artificial intelligence in the previous years, online learning has become one way for kids to get educated without the need to be physically in schools or classes, all what they need at this stage is a computer and an internet connection. The world is changing with a great speed that we might not be realizing but at some point will grasp all these changes, but how should countries make AI learning part of schools education?

  • Offering Personalized Learning to Students
  • Teachers are not going to be replaced, but artificial intelligence will help them offer personalized recommendation for each student according to his/her level, because even though the traditional educational school curriculums are done to fit the middle level students, those who are not geniuses as well as those who find a lot of difficulties, sometimes you will still find a gap that teachers fail to fill.

    Artificial intelligence will help teachers customize assignments for each pupil, as well as the final exams, to make sure that those at the top are dealt with differently than those who are struggling with the education content.

  • Students Will Be Learning Whatever They Want
  • One of the most important things about artificial intelligence is that it made it easier for students to learn whatever they want, whenever they want; it eliminated boundaries between countries. AI actually made it easier for kids to learn whatever they want online with the different online courses that are offered for them and this goes back to the technical skills that it actually provided these students with. With AI, kids will be learning anything from where they are, they don’t have to cross boundaries or travel to take their favorite courses.

  • A Perfect Solution for Students with Disabilities
  • One of the best things about artificial intelligence is the way it will make education a lot easier for students with disabilities without making them feel left out or behind the rest of their friends in class. This is still being developed, but when it is totally identified, AI will be able to customize the student’s learning process in order to be able to provide them with their specific needs.

    Helping students with disabilities through artificial intelligence comes with making the content of education easier for them through choosing words that could be spelt more easily instead of those which are challenging to pronounce, and providing students who might be struggling with instant feedback without making the whole education process slower for the rest of the class, this is also important for the teachers who will be receiving instant updates on the progress of the students.

  • AI Helped Teachers Find Time for Personalized Learning
  • One of the benefits related to artificial intelligence is personalizing the content that students come to learn in school according to every single ones’ skills and abilities. Even though this is considered good for students, it might bring one obstacle for teachers, which is not finding enough time to provide students with the attention every one of them needs.

    AI helped in solving such a problem since it gave teachers the help they need to find time for their students by using input from their students to adjust the course materials and this in turn gave teachers the time they need to conduct the interpersonal aspects of the curricula.

  • It Helps Making Trial and Error Less Daunting
  • Some students find it daunting to deal with trial and error among their peers, and that’s why artificial intelligence will play the rescuer in this case. Artificial intelligence provides private tutors who could guide students to improve themselves through offering them different solutions, and this is much easier for those who don’t like to be faced with real-time teachers. The idea of failing or even not knowing the answer is no longer intimidating for those kids who find it difficult to deal with the judging environment they might be related to.

Start with Hands-on STEAM Activities

The Future of AI

As much as artificial intelligence is making it easier for both teachers and students, and even though it is important for kids to learn more about and through to keep themselves related to the needs of the future, we should all agree that traditional teachers and tutors will never fade and should always be found out there in schools to help students who might find it difficult for them to deal with computerized tutors.

Most of the future jobs will be related to coding and artificial intelligence, and not just those which are in the field of technology, but scientists believe that every single job out there that would be done and performed on a computer device would require coding skills. This is one important reason why coding in schools is spreading widely and why there are now different online platforms that make it easier for kids to learn coding through game-based platforms, just like RoboGarden.

Teaching kids how to code early is important because the younger they are, the easier they will learn, and kids as young as five years old could actually start their coding journey. This is important because employers are already putting coding skills in consideration when they are applying new employees, which means that this demand for such a skill will increase in the future when today’s kids are tomorrow’s performers.

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