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Benefits of Block Coding for Kids

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Coding for kids; at first it seems impossible to think of your kids writing down lines of code when they are still four or five years old, but when you understand the concept of block coding, everything starts to make more sense. Block coding makes the process of learning how to code for kids much more interesting and fun, it attracts them to start the journey before getting to the point where they will be writing the code themselves. Keep reading to learn more about block coding and the benefits it carries for your kids.

What is Block Coding?

Also known as block programming or blockly, block coding is a concept that depends on blocks of code with coding instructions to construct animated stories and games. The whole idea behind block coding is dragging and dropping the blocks of code to help kids gain a foundation in computational thinking through visuals. This is suitable for kids who are starting their initial steps in the world of coding education because it is an entry level that would make the coding based on text much easier for them later on.

In any block coding game, there are different chunks or pieces of instructions that should be attached together in a correct order by the child or person playing to let the character in the game move in the right order or direction and complete the mission; such as move forward, move backward, turn right, turn left, etc. These chunks or pieces of code are what we refer to as block coding.

RoboGarden's game-based platform is block-based and can teach the child how to assign different blocks of code in the correct order to help the robot move and complete the instructions needed in the description. You can learn more about RoboGarden game-based platform here.

There are different types of blocks to learn about when it comes to this type of coding, such as movement blocks which tells the character where to go and in which direction to turn, sound blocks which are related to transforming text to speech and playing the result, and sensor blocks which are related to detecting objects in the robot’s path and asking it to stop, turn around, and move.

What are the Benefits of Block Coding for Kids?

Since it is easier to start a coding education journey with block coding, parents should learn more about the different other benefits that block coding brings along for their kids. In addition to being much easier to learn, there are some other benefits for block coding, such as:

  • Giving Kids the Chance to Experiment

  • In the text coding, the chance for facing errors is much greater and that definitely makes starting the journey with it hard for kids. On the other hand, block coding gives children the chance to experiment more and do several trials with dragging and dropping the blocks of code with their existing script without the need to start from scratch if something went wrong.

  • Helping Kids with Becoming Creative

  • One of the benefits that is always mentioned when we talk about coding in general is enhancing the person’s creative or logical thinking, and that’s exactly the same when we talk about block coding for kids. Block coding helps children transfer their imaginations into a visual outcome, which will in turn make the experience more fun. In addition to that, block coding is more straightforward and thus reduces the child’s need to understand the syntax, giving them more brain space to strengthen their logical thinking and programming concepts.

  • Enhance Your Child’s Algorithmic Thinking

  • Being a logical thinker is one important thing for any programmer and this is usually built with practicing. When it comes to block coding, it is important to mention that it helps with enhancing the child’s algorithmic thinking by helping him/her with defining the steps needed in order to solve a specific problem, which in other words make the child more of a critical thinker.

  • Attract More Kids to Coding

  • If you decide to bring a little child to the lines of code that are written out there, he/she will find it difficult to learn and at the same time will not progress so easily, but if you attract this child to learn the basics of coding through their favorite characters or even just through playing games, it will be much easier to let them love coding. Block coding is easy for beginners, but dragging and attaching several blocks together might get a bit complicated and will require some work from the child after understanding the concept, such as the loops, variables, if/then/else, commands and more.

  • It Enhances Other skills

  • There are different skills that kids learn through coding in general, such as mathematics, writing, communication, and creativity, and these become even much easier when the child comes to learn them through block coding. With block coding, kids can actually create games of moving animations by simply dragging and dropping different blocks, so they will be thinking logically, writing some sentences throughout the game, and counting.

Block coding is one of the top recommended for beginners or for children, but we have to mention that it is also suitable for all age groups out there because it is a visual concept of learning and at the same time introduces people to the concept of coding in an easy, game-based manner which encourages them to learn.

In this digital age, coding education is becoming basic literacy. Almost all schools are making coding education part of their curriculum, whether with block coding for beginners or text coding for the intermediate or advanced levels. If you are considering teaching your child how to code, you should definitely start with block coding to attract them to this world, make it easier for them to understand the basics, and then start implementing what they have learned through creating games.

You could start your kids coding journey with RoboGarden, a game-based platform that is based on rewarding the child, providing badges, and adding a score to them. Learn more here.

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