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Benefits of learning coding to kids

Should your kids learn computer programming at young age? Let’s see how knowledge of programming will affect their lives and their overall mental activity, as well as their personality.

Kids enjoy a feeling of success as they get a computer to do whatever they tell it. This feeling creates a foundation that can set them up for a lifetime of successful use and management of the technology in their everyday lives. Children need to be literate in the use of technology to be competitive in the job market. Most of today’s jobs require basic IT skills, even if they are not in the ICT sector. If a child enjoys working with computers, programmers are well-paid and in high demand in today’s market. Opportunities for skilled employees will only continue to expand in the future.

You can observe the changes that occur in your kids after they start learning how to code. Programming teaches kids to use cause and effect to detect why certain things don’t work while others do. They can also learn to become experts in computational thinking, the process of solving problems in a way that can be programmed into a computer so that the computer can replicate the programmer’s thought process. The development of this type of thinking involves considering a problem and breaking it down into single-action steps that can also be used to solve other, similar problems.

Programming helps develop planning skills, allow students to solve problems by planning several different resolutions and then weighing pros and cons of each before deciding which one to go with. Children’s minds are creative, but coding lets them learn to be persistent when they face a problem or something that doesn’t work the first time.

Programming enforces these skills and steer kids towards finding the right solution to every problem they face. The future job market will require that persistence, especially when it comes to programming. In the future, a lack of coding skills will be the equivalent of illiteracy now. Most jobs, even in the retail and fast food industries, will require basic knowledge of IT skills.

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Importance of coding education



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