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Benefits of teaching coding to kids at home

homeschooling concept using laptop as Illustration chalkboard instead of countless books

“A child educated only at school is an uneducated child” is a quote by the great American writer George Santayana as he expressed his opinion about traditional learning in 19th century. Imagine his opinion of education today. Fortunately, homeschooling offers an alternative to a traditional educational environment that may be more in line with Mr. Santayana’s vision.

Advantages of homeschooling:

It is exhausting to wake up every morning to go to school, but that can change with homeschooling. Your teacher will be in your home and you can focus on the subjects you’re really interested in such coding. Homeschooling breaks the traditional routine associated with school and opens different learning prospects that match individual kids’ interests.

Homeschooling helps kids develop their skills through fun and interactive curriculums that allow information to flow freely. Kids won’t find studying to be a burden. Instead, it’s just easy to acquire knowledge.

Of course, learning from home doesn’t just involve sitting at home learning from a standard academic curriculum. It also brings the flexibility for visits to museums, libraries, seminars, and other educational outings. Your kid can make friends who are on a similar learning path, which will help him/her to build character and become a socially interesting person.

An example about experience of homeschooling:

Rebecca Spooner is the owner of famous blog Homeschool On and a mother of five homeschooled kids. She was homeschooled up to grade 11 along with her five siblings, and she wishes to pass on that tradition to her family. Homeschool created an unbreakable relationship with Rebecca’s family by giving them plenty of productive time together. She writes about homeschooling her own family in her blog.

RoboGarden’s homeschooling platform:

There are many websites that provide homeschool curriculums that can be completed for certificates. Choose the platform you will use carefully to ensure it is both useful and fun. RoboGarden is the smartest platform for teaching coding to kids in an easy and entertaining way. Your kid can enjoy adventures with his robot friend, Robo. Together, they will solve missions using code and logic.

Homeschooling is the perfect decision for many families whose kids use RoboGarden. Why not try adding RoboGarden to your homeschool curriculum for your kids and tell us your opinion?




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