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Best Programming Languages to Teach Your Child

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With programming and coding being on top of the list when it comes to the things that parents are trying to teach their kids, it is important to mention that coding and programming education is important today for the kids so that they could guarantee a future for themselves within the technological changes that are taking place. There are different programming languages which you should choose to teach your kids, which will make the process more fun and much easier. Read this article to know which programming languages are the most suitable to choose for your child.

First of All, Choose the Perfect Programming Language for Your Child

Choosing the programming or the coding language that your child will learn will not just depend on the easiness of the language itself, but it will also depend on your child. Some of the factors to depend on include the reason behind teaching them to code or teaching them more about programming, and also whether your child is a beginner or have gone through a previous experience before.

It is also important to learn a language that could work as the base for all the others, such as Java, because learning such a programming language will give your child the chance to grasp all the others more easily.

And the most important thing of all is to choose a language according to the skill level of your child. For example, Python is easy for them to grasp so it is a good recommendation to start their coding and programming journey with it.

Programming Languages to Teach Your Child

If you want to start your child’s journey with coding education then you should know which programming languages are considered the best to start with. Here are the most famous and the most common to depend on for kids:

  1. Python

  2. Even if you have never been part of the programming and coding world, and even if you didn’t try to read about it before, you will still consider Python a familiar name. When you come to the point of starting your child’s coding education journey then you should definitely choose a language that would make them think like programmers, and Python would help them do that since it is a programming language that reads like normal speech. Also Python is considered a good programming language for the kids to learn because it has common functionalities that programmers always use which are already built into it.

  3. Blockly

  4. Blockly is a visual block programming language that is mainly built for 8+ years old who want to learn coding at their homes within their own browsers. Since it mainly depends on using blocks, a lot of parents and schools consider it easier for their kids to understand and learn. Blockly comes with a JavaScript library which serves as a centralized location where prewritten languages like JavaScript, Python, PHP, and others, can be easily found and accessed.

    Blockly is one of the easiest programming languages to use and operate since the kids will only take the blocks out of the toolbar and just arrange them in a specific sequence that would solve their problem, in other words, to write a code using blocks. At the end, even though kids will be learning to code through this programming language, its easiness also makes it more of a game which they will enjoy playing.

  5. Scratch

  6. Scratch is built on the concept of dragging and dropping blocks in order to create games, animate characters, and build new apps. Kids who are interested in creating animations, interactive stories, art or music, will fall in love with this programming language since it will also show them how to make a desired item through simple steps.

    Scratch is considered the most appealing programming language for the kids because it makes them feel like real game designers in no time. In addition to that, Scratch also has a big online community with more than 15 million registered users from all around the world, and anyone could become a member of this community as long as they comply with the rules that the MIT Scratch Team has set. Being part of this community gives your child the chance to store their code on the Scratch server, allowing other members to study how the more advanced users managed to create complex games.

  7. JavaScript

  8. This is one of the most popular programming languages that kids who are willing to take coding seriously should learn, and not just that, but it is even one of those that is supported by many users and jobs, so your kids will definitely find a suitable job if they managed to learn JavaScript. JavaScript is native on all web browsers and it is mostly used to make complex and interactive web applications.

    If your child is interested in web development and design and is willing to learn the fundamentals of programming then JavaScript is the perfect choice for him/her.

  9. C++

  10. There are different programming languages which you might find their names familiar especially if you have gone through these things while trying to explore this world for your child. C++ is one of the programming languages that is best used for a deeper understanding of computer science, which means that it will be better for your child if he/she has already started their coding journey.

    C++ is used to create applications that run on machines, such as your computer, it can be also used to create systems’ software, games, as well as other different programs. This programming language might not be the easiest to start with, but it will definitely help your child to get a deeper understanding of programming. It is important to know that employers usually consider the CVs that carry a bit of C++ knowledge, so it would definitely be good for your child’s future to learn more about C++ at the moment.

It is important to choose the programming or coding language for your child according to the skills they already have as well as their age, because those who are new to the world should start with simple and easy languages, while those who have started could move forward with a more complicated language that would provide them with a deeper understanding.

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