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Best STEM Activities for Your Kids

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Throughout the past couple of years, people with STEM skills have managed to find good jobs and were financially stable; they even did very well when it came to their finances. Educating your kids through some STEM activities is important because they will be gaining skills in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics, and could at this point be able to learn coding and gain more skills that would prepare them for the future and its needs. Read this article to learn more about STEM and get introduced to some interesting STEM activities to try with your kids.

What is STEM?

The definition of STEM is very easy, it actually stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. Even though this might be the famous definition attached to STEM, it is important to know that STEM is a teaching philosophy that integrates all four disciplines together into a single, cross-disciplinary program which offers instruction in real-world applications in teaching methods.

When you are educating your child about one of these four different aspects, it does not mean that they are being enrolled in a STEM program, but they are actually taking a class that is part of it. STEM education is the integration of all four disciplines and the use of real-world teaching methods, and it is also heavy on science and math since they are both considered more complicated and at the same time, technology and engineering depend on them, so if your child failed at science and math then they might as well fail to understand engineering and technology.

STEM Activities for Your Kids to Try

Choosing the STEM game that you would make your child play will always depend on their age; there are those for babies, those for 12 to 18 months old, as well as the games specified for the young children. Here are some of the STEM games and activities which you could try out with your kids in order to enhance their skills:

  • Build Straw Bridges with Them

  • Kids always love when things get creative and since we are talking about building bridges with straws then there are two interesting ways to do it: either to build bridges with straws with the aim of making a nice shape at the end, or else build a bridge that could pass water and eventually fill a plate at the end of the road. This is considered an activity or game that helps the kids develop their engineering skills and which comes as part of the STEM educational journey.

  • Build Shapes Out of Their Favorite Sweets

  • One of the ways that you could depend on in order to teach something new to your kids is through using the sweets that they love or the items that they love to play with. One of the games that you could try with your kids to develop their mathematical skills is to build mathematical shapes through using pretzels and marshmallows, like squares, triangles, rectangles, etc. If your child is too young to create the shape on their own, you could draw the shapes for them and give them the chance to trace them with their sweets.

  • Build Shapes Out of LEGO Blocks

  • Another interesting game for your kids, which they might already have at their homes and are already playing, is building shapes out of LEGO blocks; they could build homes, mathematical shapes, general different shapes, and more. Playing with these blocks will help the kids develop both their mathematical skills as well as their engineering skills, and which will in turn be developing their STEM skills as well.

  • Let Them Code

  • There are different platforms that teach kids to code, such as RoboGarden’s game-based platform which helps them to code through both blockly and textual methods, making the whole journey much easier. You could check RoboGarden’s different plans here. Block coding is easy for younger kids because all what they have to do is drag and drop the functions they have to create a movement at the end, which is the code required, and run what they have done in order to know whether it is correct or else not, and if there is an error, they will be directed again on how to do it.

  • Do Slime With Them at Home

  • All kids out there love the idea of playing with slime, or playdough; they love making shapes, trying new types of playdough, and even recently they enjoyed creating it themselves. One of the STEM activities that you could try with your child at home is to make slime with them and even create different shapes; such as the glittery, the magnetic, or even try adding thermochromic pigment powder which could change the color of your slime at a specific temperature.

Why Teach Your Kids Through STEM Activities?

A lot of parents might be asking themselves at this point why they are supposed to use such STEM activities while they are educating their kids and developing their skills. There are different things to learn about when it comes to STEM activities and why you should depend on them.

First of all, STEM activities expand the horizons of your kids; they become more able to solve their problems, think about the situations they are placed in more creatively, and even accept that sometimes they could fail and that it is not always about success.

In addition to that, when you teach your kids through playful STEM activities, they get to carry more love for exploring things, trying things out themselves, discovering, and learning new things.

There are different daily activities that come under the umbrella of STEM activities, such as digging in the garden to plant a new seed, measuring cups while creating a recipe in the kitchen, and lots of other things which you as a parent should keep pointing out to your kids and let them understand that science, technology, engineering, and math shape everything around them and are found in everything they might be doing or using on a daily basis.

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