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Code with Love this Valentine with Your Family

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Happy Valentine’s Day! We decided that 2020 needs to be different even when it comes to shared love. It’s not just about life partners, but Valentine could be also spent with family members doing the things they love. Coding is fun, educational, and engaging, it could bring people together, educate them with the needed language of the future, and let them spend some fun time together. Let’s code with love this Valentine.

Coding teaches kids more about teamwork and how working among a team is a skill they will definitely need in the future, so how about making your family your team at the same time? Family members will work together to come up with solutions and solve the coding problems they are facing. This time, our coding will be all about teaming up with the members of the family, we need to prove that the bond of love is what kids need at this stage.

STEAM Activities for Valentine’s Day

Our coding games are not just designed for kids, but we have it for the whole family; parents create their accounts then allow their kids to play the different games through adding their names. Our coding journeys and activities could be one way to spend this Valentine with your loved family members. Kids don’t get the chance to know what Valentine is and neither do they spend it, let’s make 2020 different for them.

Coding and STEAM education are interrelated so when you get the kids engaged in some STEAM activities, you are just helping them to learn the basics of coding; you are taking it step by step. There are different STEAM activities which you could play with your kids this Valentine, here are some of them:

  • It Could Be Art!
  • “A” in STEAM stands for “Art” and this means that you could spend this Valentine doing something artistic with your kids. Art is not just about the act of drawing, but it could be any beautiful thing that your eye considers it “art”. You could create love letters and exchange them with your kids, and this will include the art of drawing as well as the art of creating this card. Art could also come in the form of making art out of paper, such as heart shapes for example, which will deliver the message of love each family member carries for the other and would still be related to the theme of Valentine’s Day.

    Art could be also delivered through the activity of playdough; kids could make different shapes out of playdough – which they definitely love – such as making heart shapes for Valentine for example.

  • You Could All Learn Science
  • The whole idea behind STEAM education is to give kids the chance to deal with real-world problems and manage to handle them. Science is one part of STEAM education and there are some science-related activities that kids and parents could both do at home while they are spending Valentine together. One of the main things that kids love to play with is playdough, and this comes as part of science when you do it with your kids and let them prepare shapes out of it – such as heart shapes for the sake of Valentine’s Day!

  • Math Could be Part of the Game
  • There are some games that could depend on one another, such as playing with playdough. In the process of playing with the playdough that you created with your kids at home, you could also learn mathematics through counting the number of shapes you have created, analyzing what you have done, and even calculating how many more you might need for your creation to be complete.

  • Engineering is Also Related
  • Playing with playdough could actually cover all the different aspects of STEAM education; science comes in its creation, math comes in calculating the formed shapes, art comes in doing these shapes, and engineering is related to building something out of these shapes – or hearts – created. At this point, kids will use their minds to think about other materials that they could use in order to build something. For example, they could build a wall out of these different shapes or hearts which might need sticks to let them standstill.

  • Finally, You Could Apply Technology to the Game
  • These different activities will mainly depend on your kids’ age group, they might apply the technology part through using digital cameras to take photographs of the things they have created. Technology could be also applied through learning how to code with RoboGarden platform; they will have to deal with a computer or tablet and at the same time, they will learn how to code.

Code with RoboGarden this Valentine’s Day

Coding is the part of STEAM education that RoboGarden could help you with. Our coding platform is a good choice if you want to learn coding with your kids this Valentine. Your child could enjoy our different journeys; decorate a tree, go to the moon, search for treasures in the forest, enjoy a party, explore a maze, learn the alphabet, and much more.

This is an interesting gift to get for your child this Valentine and show them how much you love them and want them well prepared for the needs of the future. This is a gift for the whole family because you could subscribe for one of our family packages and learn more about the basics of coding with your kids, the family account accepts up to four members.

What do you think of our unique way of celebrating this Valentine’s Day with your whole family?

Subscribe now for the package of your choice and get ready for spreading joy in the family; get prepared to code with love this Valentine’s Day.

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