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Coding bootcamps

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Coding boot camps have become trendy in the recent years. Last year marked the fifth anniversary for the coding boot camp industry. In those five years, the number of coding boot camp graduates has grown by a factor of ten. Imagine the amount of engagement those graduates bring to today’s classroom and education standards. Coding boot camps are a $260 million industry that has already graduated more than 23,000 developers. What do coding boot camps offer that the traditional offline classes do not?

The perks:

The overhead of an in-person class requires a high price tag, which forms a financial barrier to learning to code. Coding boot camps can be done virtually, eliminating the high price tag in many cases. A virtual environment also eliminates the time commitment involved in getting up, getting dressed, commuting, and going to class. It is always easier to open your laptop and log in!

Online education can be accessed in every city, regardless of where the instructor is located. Students can get the same experiences and content delivered in the same way. This means that an online education is free of many of the traditional barriers to knowledge that students have faced. This model will benefit students in the long run because it makes learning more attainable and affordable for aspiring developers.

What can you expect?

Another drawback to physical classrooms is that you must choose a single programming language to focus on. There is much more variety online. RoboGarden, for instance, gives you the flexibility to switch between coding languages.

You can keep things fresh by exploring different worlds, ensuring a learning experience that is constantly new and exciting. There's no way to predict which technologies will be necessary for a specific job, so it is important to become familiar with plenty of languages. With RoboGarden, you can easily learn visual programming, Python, and JavaScript.

The RoboGarden curriculum takes the form of journeys. Each journey takes place in a different world with its own graphics and theme. Journeys are divided to sets of missions that increase in difficulty as you progress.

You can check your level at any time to watch it increase as you progress at your own pace. The gamified content will always keep you entertained. A language like Python can help you get into the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence. RoboGarden’s content is in constant development. It is always maintained and upgraded to the latest standards based on the technologies that are hot and the feedback we receive.

We foster a community of developers who want to be better and enhance their skills and help them share their accomplishments in different communities. That's truly what it’s like to be a real developer: being part of a community and enjoying seeing other people learn things.

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