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Coding for Kindergartners

The young kids are feeling happy while learning on their computers.

Coding before reading

Learning to code at an early age doesn’t mean that the goal is to know all programming languages. It just means learning how to write and run the ideas behind programming. Early education coding languages are in continual development. Maybe future iterations will be even smarter and easier than the formats we use today.

The main purpose of teaching a kindergartner to program is to help them understand the concepts behind coding, to train creativity, and to encourage logical thinking in organized steps. These skills will be invaluable in helping kids improve their mental skills and the ways they approach problems for the rest of their lives.

Kids can learn to code before they can read by using various websites that make the process of learning easy and fun. Many websites teach coding through easy drag and drop that can be done by kids as young as four years old. We have gathered the best sources, so let's take a tour.

Code Babies

The Code Babies platform encourages parents to teach their babies to code at an early age. Their motto is: "It's never too early to develop." Babies can learn the ABCs of HTML, CSS, and the web through colorful and fun books. Try it now.

Daisy the Dinosaur

The Hopscotch platform has designed a free, enjoyable, educational iOS application called Daisy the Dinosaur. The app allows kindergartners to learn to code through easy drag and drop to design Daisy’s dance.

By solving this app's challenges, kids will be able to recognize the right sequence from a set of possibilities and will learn the basics of coding and objects. You can download it here.


All kids adore playing with robots! Perceptive content creators designed a smart platform called RoboGarden to help guide the hero robot, Robo. Kids will enjoy playing with their friend Robo while solving various tasks and collecting colorful, fun assets.

RoboGarden teaches kids to code through a STEAM curriculum. It also teaches good behavior. All lessons use drag and drop. The creators of RoboGarden creators also designed fun activities that are delivered through Android and iOS apps to make learning to code easier than expected. Live out your adventure with RoboGarden's world now.


Learn to code before you can read” is the slogan of Kodable. This fun app on iPad is a cool way to learn. It uses blocks to teach kindergartners from five and up how to code until they can develop a game themselves.


Studio produces a great way for a child from four to eight years old to learn to code. The program, called Pre-Reader Express, is fun! It teaches lessons with drag and drop blocks. Kids can develop a game of their own at the end of the course.

Most kindergartners have iron memories and strong mental skills. Parents must start teaching kids to code at this young age to take advantage of the mental advantages that kindergartners have.

Coding has many advantages for kids. It can improve their mental skills, their critical thinking, and their creativity, all while the kid thinks they are playing. Check out the resources in this article and start teaching your kids to code now.

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