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Coding is a lifestyle


Despite the technological developments that surround us, there is a constant drive to continue to make life easier and better. It is in our nature as humans to be ambitious. Programming has achieved the goal of improving our lives so that it is now intertwined in all lifestyles thanks to the mechanisms that have been created and that are now enmeshed in our very existence.

Programing in the Medical Field

Many of us suffer from chronic diseases that impact our daily lives. Anyone with diabetes or a similar condition knows how exhausting it can be to remember to take insulin at specific times. Forgetting the time and remembering after the dose should have been taken is a common problem. Thanks to the evolution of medical technology, however, life has been improved for diabetic patients through a patent for an insulin pump.

An insulin pump can hold enough insulin for three months. The patient no longer needs to take insulin doses once or twice a day through injections; instead, the pump is programmed according to the doctor’s instructions to pump a specific amount of insulin for the patient at automated intervals. Once the pump runs out of insulin, it is refilled for the next three months and so on.

Programing in Games

Do you feel bored? Are you tired from studying and want to recharge your energy? You can enjoy yourself with fun adventure games. Every game you play on your computer, your gaming console, or your mobile phone are luxuries that you can enjoy thanks to computer programing. For example, the famous game Subway was programmed in JavaScript and C#, two important languages. These coding languages control everything, including character movement, gold collection, control cameras, and much more.

Programing in Communication

Almost every one of us logs into social media websites or apps like Faebook , What’s App, Twitter, and others on a daily basis. These advances in technology link the whole world together, making it a small village where you can speak with friends from other countries and even continents almost as though they are sitting in front of you. Programming these websites leverages languages like C++, Java, and JavaScript to make connecting with others easier than ever.

Programing in Everyday Life

The work is finally finished. Want to take a break after a long, hard day of work? You have no need to worry since everything will be ready for you before you arrive home. With just one click, you can operate the air conditioner in your bedroom and close the curtains to block out the light for a comfortable sleep. Don’t forget to address the fridge alarm letting you know that there’s no milk based on information received from sensors that are connected to the Internet of Things.

The sensors that control all these parts of your home use programming and sensors to gather data so they can take the appropriate course of action via the Internet.

As you can see, programming has become an integrated part of all our lives. It makes sense that learning about development and programming is an indispensable skill to have in the present. How important will those skills be in the future?

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