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Coding Jobs to Consider in the Future

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Coding is the skill being taught to children as young as kindergarten in order to prepare them for the huge demand for it in the future. Not only the technical related jobs, but all the other jobs as well will place coding skill as one of the needed requirements. The world is going technological and with every new passing day, humans receive a helping hand from a robot, and it is even expected that a lot of jobs will no longer be available in the future because robots will be doing them. So what are the jobs that coding could help kids get in the future?

When it comes to coding then there are a couple of job roles which kids could get when they grow up, those which will still need a small percentage of human interaction in them.

Coding Future Job Roles

Coding is known as the language that the computer understands and that’s exactly the reason why learning how to code is beneficial these days. Computers bring mobile phones to life along with the different applications that come along with them, they are also behind the technology that cars witness with every new one being produced. We have to say that smart devices in general need codes in order to deal with the outside world and give humans the chance to use them, so that’s why coding is definitely the language of today and the future and one important skill kids will definitely need.

It is expected that as many as 400 million to 800 million jobs will be lost to technology by 2030. Employees are choosing to learn how to code in order to reserve a place for themselves in the working environment, there are now around 23 million coders in the world and they are expected to become 28 million within five years. Employees are learning to code and parents are making sure that their kids get the coding education they need.

There are different jobs that need coding skills which kids could choose in the future, such as:

  • Information Security Analyst

  • Information security analysts are needed in order to protect the data related to any company or organization. What information security analysts do is that they coordinate and execute measures in order to protect an organization’s computer networks and systems.

    By 2026, this job is expected to rise by 28%, giving computer education students the chance to find a job in the future. Information security analysts should be adaptable to change because with this type of job they are doing, a security breach can occur anytime.

  • Web Developer

  • Since technology is taking over, more people are now turning to the online world and thus dealing with more websites. A website developer is the one who cares about how the website looks and how it functions as well. The web developer job is expected to grow by 15 percent by 2026, that’s why a lot of people are now considering the full stack web development courses.

    Web developers must have good communication skills in order to manage their clients since they have to fully understand their needs and deliver them through a well-functioning and good looking website, that’s why web developers must have a good understanding of coding.

    When kids learn to code, they also gain different cognitive-related skills, such as critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, communication skills, and more, which is definitely beneficial if we are going to consider a web developer job along the way.

  • Software Application Developer

  • All the different applications created for cell phones and tablets are done by software application developers, who will need to know how to code in order to bring these applications to life. Software application developers should also have an aptitude for math in order to succeed in such a job which is considered the perfect match for those who could work among a team, look at the bigger picture, and bring new ideas to life.

    Software application developer jobs are expected to grow by 31 percent by 2026. A software developer will need to analyze the needs of the user and then create, test, and develop a software that will solve a problem, provide entertainment, or simply make life easier for the intended users. Software developers are also the ones who instruct programmers when it comes to the code they are going to write in order to create the program or the application, and they also map out the software in order to keep any future upgrading in mind, test the software, and collaborate with other computer specialists in order to make sure that the application or program is functioning properly.

  • Database Administrator

  • Among the different job opportunities that people with coding skills could manage to get in the future, database administrator is one of them. Database administrators are the ones who secure, organize, and troubleshoot storage for large amounts of information for companies online. In addition to the coding skills that you might have in the future in order to get this job, you should be also a good problem solver in order to manage it perfectly enough, which is one of the different skills that coding education brings along.

    Database administrator job opportunities are believed to rise by 11% by 2026, giving more space for those who love to analyze and recover information to find the perfect job opportunity.

  • Mobile App Developers

  • Could you leave your mobile phone for more than two hours? Apparently nobody could and that goes back to how everything is now done on the mobile phone, starting with work-related tasks, and ending with entertainment. Mobile app developers are the ones responsible for creating new apps or adapting those already existing ones to be applicable for mobile phones and tablets.

    Mobile app developers’ job was expected to grow by 57% through 2020, and we have to say that this happened due to the pandemic which led many companies to go for the online shopping world and thus created their own mobile applications. That is also proof that a mobile phone is considered a powerful distribution channel, resulting in a huge demand for mobile app developers from government agencies and financial institutions.

    Knowledge of coding is important for this job position, that’s why computer science students could fill such positions.

The earlier the person starts his/her coding education journey, the easier coding becomes for him/her. A lot of kindergartens, schools, universities, and even parents at home started to educate their kids how to code through different coding games providers who manage to teach them through both Blockly and Textual coding forms, making the whole education process appear easier in the form of a game.

RoboGarden helps kids, schools, universities, and even professionals learn how to code or enhance the skills they already have. Sign up and start your coding journey now.

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