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Computer Science as a Core Subject

Image showing a kid is learn coding by playing with blocks.

As computers continue to become indispensable from our everyday lives, there is an increased need for computer science education. This is reflected in the skills required from students in the early stages. As the market demand from computer-based subjects, programmers, developers, and software engineers increases, so do the demands from parents and educational experts for computer science education.

As a result, many countries such as England have already started to include computer science and programming as core subjects in their school curriculum.

Everyone needs computer science education

To respond to these rapidly evolving market demands, companies have started to sponsor coding education in schools. Recently, Google started a computer programming initiative with a simple poll among parents asking them if they see the need for computer science education in schools. Their survey found that more than two thirds of parents agreed it was a need.

You don’t have to look closely to see that that most jobs today depend on computers. Even sciences historically theory based––like physics and chemistry––now depend on computers to process complex equations, record results, and make conclusions. Doctors use them to schedule, analyze, process, and share results. Computers are used today to analyze and verify pieces of art and music.

Importance of computer science education

Aside from learning to code, computer science has been proven to teach students problem solving and creative thinking skills. Computer science can help you describe any problem in the form of mathematical model, an equation or a graph, using your analytical and problem solving skills through the power of code.

Imagine a simple problem that many of us have faced. You are out for the day, and you want to have dinner, catch a movie, and have a drink afterwards. Each place is at a different destination and you have to work within a very specific time window. By transforming these places into a simple graph and then applying your time constraints, you can use your coding skills to solve the graph and backtrack the solution to your real-life situation.

Get the idea?

Coding can help you better map and conceptualize problems in every aspect of your life. Another way to look at it is to think about the market value. When computer science is a core subject, if a small percentage of those students find themselves in the subject, these enthusiasts may decide to pursue a career later on in computer science. This will then close the gap in the market demand versus the market skills available. Computer science jobs are amongst the highest paying jobs worldwide.

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