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Did Remote Learning Prove to Be Effective?

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2020 has been trying to give remote learning the chance to flourish since the outbreak of the pandemic, but did it prove to be effective? Remote learning actually doubled the challenges especially with those students who were already struggling in the time of traditional education, but that does not mean that remote learning cannot be effective because schools and teachers are putting great effort in trying to find the right tools to use and techniques to follow while educating the students remotely to make sure it is all ending with the needed results.

What is Remote Learning?

Remote learning, online education, eLearning; there are different terms and definitions given to the process of learning away from school, but are they different or the same? Remote learning and online education are almost the same, if we are going to include any differences here then it would be related to real papers sent to students in specific cases during remote learning. Remote learning is the process of educating students without the need to be physically attending school, but it calls for in-person education that happens online through accessing online training materials.

This has been proven to be successful not only with students in schools, but even with employees who are supposed to take training in their fields.

Why Do Some Kids find it Easier to Depend on Remote Learning?

With every new thing introduced to the world, there are some challenges that come along, some people easily adapt while others might take some time. With the schools shutting down to make sure kids and teachers are staying safe, education has turned to be remote and even though a lot of students thrived during this time, there are those who found it more difficult and are still exerting all their effort to succeed.

A lot of people might be asking themselves how remote learning turned out to be more effective with some students than the traditional physical education which we were all used to. We should never forget that traditional education in schools is more fun and opens more space for social interaction, but since we are obliged to follow the rules now, remote learning also brought different benefits along, such as:

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • Getting up at a specific time in order to reach school on time is the norm that students all over the world are used to, but with remote learning and online education it is not the same. With remote learning, kids are actually given more freedom regarding when to start their classes and how to receive their class content.

    According to different school teachers around the world, this opportunity to become responsible for choosing their own times has proved to be effective with kids because they feel more independent, they get the chance to do whatever they want in between their classes, even if it will just be about getting bored, and also they feel free to choose how the pace of their day would look like.

  • No More Bullying

  • Bullying is one of the main problems that kids suffer from in schools, about 1 in 4 students get verbally or socially bullied in schools, and this badly affects students and leads to different risks that might even lead to suicide. Remote learning is one of the different things that helped those students who might have been exposed to bullying to take a break and stop fearing the idea of being in their schools.

    We should all never forget that cyberbullying is still there, but giving our students the needed precautions on how to use the internet will always keep them away from such incidences.

  • Good Solution for Introverted Students

  • Being an introvert or an extrovert is never a bad or a good thing, but it is part of the person’s personality and he/she will be always trying to choose the community that he/she best fits in. Some introverts find it a little bit more difficult for them to interact during the class in school, some are shy enough to do so, that’s why remote learning made it easier for them to join class discussions and share their views and ideas.

    Introverts appreciate quiet learning more and that’s why even if they are doing well in the traditional schools, they will be even doing better through online education because they will be surrounded by the environment that they feel most productive and comfortable in.

  • Fewer Distractions and Obstacles for Students and Teachers

  • Real school classes divide the teachers’ attention and focus between explaining the lesson and delivering it to the students, and addressing any behavioral issues or distractions that might appear along the way. This is distracting for both the student and the teacher and that’s why remote learning has proved to bring along another important benefit with it, which is getting rid of all these distractions and obstacles that might be occurring during the class.

    When classes turn online, social interactions will no longer take place, students will focus on their classes and could then come to interact with one another after the class. Also, with these online classes, teachers will only focus on delivering the lesson content to the students without the need to deal with any behavioral issues or any other types of distractions.

  • Multiple Courses to Choose from with the Best Teachers

  • Apart from the school classes that are delivered online at the moment, students could also depend on remote learning in order to learn something new. E-Learning brought multiple courses and topics to choose from and made it easier for them to access their content, no matter where they are in the world.

    Another important thing related to choosing the courses, which could be about anything, starting with math and ending with general skills, is that kids could actually choose the courses with the best teachers in the field, they don’t need to stick to one teacher only. Online learning could actually bring you the best content with the best teachers while you are staying at your place.

Remote learning brings along several benefits that might differ from one person to another, according to his/her personality as well as the way they look and observe this way of education. At the moment, we are all obliged to depend on remote learning, and that’s why we should all try to focus on the several benefits it brings along instead of focusing on the disadvantages that it might cause. Remember that anything needs time in order for you to get used to it.

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