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Coding Activities: Intermediate Level: Discover an Alien Message

Cartoon image showing the environment and objectives of the Discover an Alien Message activity.

Sometimes we need to repeat the same statement a limited number of times, or even an unlimited number of times. That can be an exhaustive task that requires a huge amount of storage. With coding, however, that kind of request can be accomplished easily and efficiently. How can a programmer can do?

With loops, it’s a snap to repeat lines of code as many times as necessary. Instead of retyping the same code 1000 times, you can type it once and use an iterative loop to complete the task. All you need to do is specify a few variables like the number of duplicates and when to start and stop the loop. RoboGarden activities are designed to help kids practice loops easily with simple code blocks.

RoboGarden activities are divided into three levels.

We have already talked about one of our beginner-level activities. This article is an overview of an intermediate-level RoboGarden activity.

The intermediate level of content consists of a group of missions that help students become familiar with using a sequence of code blocks to complete a specific mission. This level is suitable for kids aged 9 to 13 years. If you have a background with Scratch coding concepts, you can dive into this level as an introduction to becoming a programmer. Kids will discover that math has become easier as they learn to code. They will also use loops to reduce the number of code blocks they use.

Discover an Alien Message activity:

When Robo, RoboGarden’s hero robot, finds himself inside a field, the Discover an Alien Message activity help kids learn to complete missions with fewer code blocks through loops, user interaction blocks, and Robo’s basic movements. Kids will have fun coding and solving addition or subtraction puzzles with code blocks. They will use loops as a programming concept while playing Discover an Alien Message through five exciting missions that take place in a captivating world.

Discover an Alien Message Activity Missions

  1. Alien Message!
  2. In the first mission, kids learn about using loops instead of repeated sequences of the same block. Aliens have left Robo a message beneath the rocks. He needs to solve puzzles to uncover the hidden message. Kids will use math concepts to complete the increasing sequence of numbers. They will then print the puzzle’s answer in the empty yellow cell to uncover the first letter of the alien message.

  3. Another Letter
  4. As in the previous mission, Robo needs your help to calculate the missing number in his quest to uncover another letter of the alien message. Kids will use interactive code blocks to print the answer in the empty yellow cell so they can complete this mission successfully.

  5. Addition Time
  6. More calculations await in this next mission. Can you do addition? Great! Help Robo complete the equation and write the answer on the empty green cell using Scratch’s mathematical code blocks instead of a calculator or mental math. Solving the mission will uncover the third letter in the message.

  7. What Is the Missing Number?
  8. We think this mission will be a cinch after completing the previous one. We have discovered most of the letters in our hidden message, but the next one requires us to complete an equation with subtraction.

  9. Can Robo Do It?
  10. Kids should be ready to discover the full alien message. All they need to do is solve this complex equation. The last letter of the message awaits here beneath the rocks.

The Discover an Alien Message challenge is not only a programming challenge, but also a mathematics challenge where students will be introduced to number patterns, addition, and subtraction. They will also learn the concept of loops to become perfect code writers.

RoboGarden knows that you must be eager to purchase and explore the advanced-level challenge. Keep in touch with us to learn more about the final level, which we’ll discuss in our next blog. If you have never played RoboGarden’s wonderful activities, register now for free.

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