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Learning to code has a positive impact on most areas of peoples’ lives and gives them a newfound sense of energy to pursue the goals they want to achieve.

Kids and teens who want to capitalize on the abundance of computer science jobs in tomorrow’s landscape should be taking programming courses today. RoboGarden helps your child start their coding adventure today to put them on the track to becoming a successful programmer, developer, or computer scientist.

Progressing through courses that have been carefully developed by technology and education experts will get kids where they want to be faster than they would have dreamed possible. So The Hour of code Activity is the best way for kids to learn to code in an hour.


Hour of Code is a major event organized by, whose mission is to spread programming education to people of all ages.

A single hour is enough to learn a new computer science skill while completing a fun and creative activity. The initiative’s success is tied to its ability to reach people and engage them in its activities. If a fraction of participants take an interest in the field and decide to complete a course in programming, then the initiative will have served its purpose.

RoboGarden has three tutorials (Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced) and each has six missions which have been contributed to Hour of Code. Students and educators have both taken an interest in our activities. Kids may be playing but they are also learning a lot as they move forward with a robot.

RoboGarden’s Hour of Code task is divided into three levels:

  • Beginner: The Beginner level consists of six missions, which gradually increase in difficulty as the student learns new coding blocks. The educational component of the game is delivered in an enjoyable way, complete with creative content and delightful scenarios.

  • Intermediate: RoboGarden wants to play a part in this campaign, so we have developed three different levels of fun coding games. If you have a background with the Scratch programming language, you can dive into the intermediate-level challenge, consists of six amazing missions that take place in various captivating scenes. After a student enjoys coding and plays on the final level, they will be eager to take on the advanced level and continue to learn more about programming with games. Check out RoboGarden through the free Hour of Code preview and register now to activate your brain.

  • Advanced: The student learns about a variety of programming concepts, including variables, strings, mathematical operations, reading and writing from cells, and much more. They also learn corresponding Python or JavaScript code that matches the blocks they have used. This helps them to become familiar with the syntax of both languages.

Code Initiatives

The overall idea is for all schools to be equipped to teach the new computing curriculum that will be introduced in September of 2018. The curriculum was designed with input from the Royal Society of Engineering, and tech industry leaders such as Google and Microsoft. This new funding is part of the UK government’s backing for the UK’s Year of Code, a campaign modelled loosely on the Hour of Code program in the US.

Coding is more than just a tool that improves the potential job prospects of students in the future. It was proven that programming is beneficial for the brain. It enhances focus, you can learn more in our article on the benefits of coding. Understanding how everything around us works will increase a student’s desire to learn how to code. The Hour of Code initiative has earned a massive amount of support and collaboration, particularly from major names in today’s IT industry like Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

The Coding Initiatives that prove girls can code too

These aim to break down the stereotype that women are not interested in coding and computer science. And they do this by reaching out to girls and inculcating in them a love for coding. Many of these initiatives started small and localized but have since expanded across the nation and gained a global presence:

1- Made With Code

A community-based site filled with fun projects to encourage girls to learn to code. The site also hosts additional resources for parents and teachers, and a notice board for events. There is also a Mentors, and Makers sections: both highlight stories of women who code for a living.

2- Girls Who Code

By Reshma Saujani, the non-profit organization conducts summer camps and helps start computer science clubs to train high school girls to code. Tech giants back the camps and their participants get to meet key people in the tech industry.

3- Black Girls Code

By Kimberly Bryant introducing coding to girls aged 7-17 through workshops and after-school programs. Black Girls Code also organizes workshops on robotics, and throw hackathons which is inclusive of hosting talks from women already working in tech.

4- Rails Girls

Equip girls and women with tools and technical knowledge. Being a non-profit that caters to the international community, their site hosts materials for organizing workshops and also guides in various languages. It also carries events listings and there is a blog that details its activities.

5- Girl Develop It

Is a non-profit that provides coding classes for women founded by Sara Chipps and Vanessa Hurst back in 2010. Classes are made to be affordable and are available at many cities across America. Each city has its chapter, which organizes hackathons and tech-related events on top of classes.

6- Ladies Learning Code

By Heather Payne, it soon expanded to the whole of Canada, providing workshops suitable for beginners. The workshop was such a hit among participants — generally in their 20s — that the organization decided to hold additional programs for girls aged 6-16 and kids in general.

7- Code First: Girls

Aims to help young women attending university as they would be entering the workforce after their studies. They also offer courses for graduates but it’s only limited to the general London area at the moment. Other events that they organize include hackathons and tech career talks.

You can learn Coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning to code as a game for kids.

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Do you want to learn coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning coding as a game for kids?

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