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Exploring the Maze


As usual, Robo will begin his journey by exploring the environment and getting to know his tools and equipment. He will get ready for a long journey filled with puzzles, riddles, and plenty of games. With good focus, Robo will solve all of the challenges to reach the hidden treasure. Your kids will solve missions that require them to play and apply simple math concepts as they grow familiar with Robo’s motor actions. As they progress deeper into the journey, your kids will learn about single-digit addition as well as reading and writing text.

This journey begins as we enter the maze and ends when we reach our goal. The maze has been built with many obstacles that must be avoided through different movements. Your kids will be introduced to Robo’s rotation and movement translation abilities to help him reach his goal.

Your kids gain a lot as they work through RoboGarden journeys. To a child, they have played a fun game for a couple of hours and learned about nouns, which name a place, a person, a thing, or an idea. The concept of adjectives, which describe nouns, is introduced in the first adventure.

Numbers are introduced in the second adventure as kids are presented with two numbers and must choose which one is larger. They will also have to count objects and choose a correct answer. Finally, they will explore missing number sequences in the maze.

Although your kids will be actively learning about math and adjectives, they will just be having fun playing. When it's time to enter the maze, they must watch out because rocks are everywhere. They will also need to collect all the treasure chests and count them.

Overall, the students are expected to improve in the areas of creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.

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