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Five Ws of programming

Image showing the five Ws  about programming looks like a rings.

Not sure about coding or why you should learn it? This article will introduce five common questions about coding and their answers. We hope it is helpful and enhances your understanding.

1. What is programming?

Programming is a coming up with a set of commands based on specific rules that a computer can understand and implement. These commands are also known as code.

A programmer can talk to the computer by writing commands in one of many popular languages like Python, JavaScript, C, or C++, or by using a lesser-known language like Go, F#, or D.

2. Why should I learn to code?

There are plenty of reasons to learn how to code. Here are just a few:

  • Coding is a vital part of our daily life and a major part of future industry.
  • Coding unleashes each student’s potential and stimulates the mind.
  • Coding can be a creative method of developing mental skills like logical thinking, problem-solving, and critical thinking.
  • There are many jobs related to coding, including web developer, game developer, Internet security, and more. That pool of jobs is still growing!

3. When should I start learning to code?

Programming is a wide-open field that welcomes everyone who wants to learn regardless of time and age.

Kids can start learning to code by around three by visiting websites that are geared for their age group.

As for adults, it is vital to start learning as soon as possible while you still have the desire and motivation.

4. Where can I learn coding online?

RoboGarden is the best platform to teach kids and adults to code. It has an enjoyable STEAM-based curriculum to teach JavaScript and Python in a gamified fashion.

5. Who designed the curriculum on RoboGarden?

Our courses, or journeys, were developed by an elite of education experts who designed RoboGarden’s content to be as fun as it is informative. Thanks to a large number of creative staff who want to teach you the best and most innovative approaches to coding, you will enjoy up-to-date methods of learning that will enable you to reach your goals.

Start your journey to learn to code and be confident that you’re in good hands with the pioneers at RoboGarden.

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