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Art gives students the opportunity to explore their own ideas and creativity. Video games are a perfect platform for encouraging creativity. Is it possible to transform games into a good learning experience for kids rather than letting them spend hours in front of their computers playing mindlessly? It’s easy: we help kids become producers instead of consumers. When we help students move from playing a game for hours to spending that time making a game to their preferences, we give them a chance to stretch their creative muscles while learning important new skills. Students from early elementary school through college are creating games and learning while doing it.

Game development is not simply programming or writing scripts. Instead, making computer games can be a great entry point into computer science. Programming isn’t the only important element of game development, but is a large component.

The great thing about game development is that it keeps people interested and passionate about making games that are enjoyable for others. This perspective of how others should experience games is at the heart of game development, and demands skills like imagining others’ experiences of the game and revisiting the development as user feedback rolls in. It's not coding for the sake of writing code, but rather coding to create something fun for others.

Creativity and good design are values incorporated into the game development process. These concepts should be stressed in middle school to encourage an interest in game making principles. Game development is an excellent opportunity for students to express themselves creatively. It seems that emphasizing the importance of the more creative and artistic elements might serve to enhance students' overall experiences and their understanding of what it means to make games.

Programming by itself can be complex and tiresome, but adding interactivity to programming makes it fun and enjoyable for everyone. A tangible output like a robot performing a task or a fun game that can be played is considered a hands-on style of learning, which can be incredibly powerful. Start programming now and put your kid on the right track to becoming a game developer, a robotics engineer, or a data scientist.

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