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Games That Enhance Critical Thinking Skills for Your Kids

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Are you searching for some games that would be entertaining but at the same time helps to enhance the critical thinking skills of your child? When it comes to educational games, there are different ones out there; some help in enhancing the critical thinking skills, some might be helpful for enhancing the memory of your child, others could help your kids enhance their mathematical skills, and so on. In this article, we will help you learn about some games that would help enhance your kid’s critical thinking skills.

First of All… What Are the Critical Thinking Skills?

Before getting deeper into the how, we should first be well aware of the what. So, what are the critical thinking skills that we need the kids to foster from early on? To think critically is to think rationally and to understand the logical connection between the different ideas that might be presented all at the same time. Once a person knows how to think critically, he/she will then shift from the stage of accepting the information the way they are, to actually questioning things and trying to make sense out of them.

So at this point, we should say that a critical thinker will always be someone who knows how to approach a problem, considers all the given findings and arguments, makes sense out of them, and eventually tries to think about the best solution with the least drawbacks and side effects.

According to Facione, there are six core critical thinking skills involved in the critical thinking process, which are: interpretation, analysis, evaluation, inference, explanation, and self-regulation.

Games that Enhance Critical Thinking Skills

There are different games out there which kids play on a daily basis, but are they all considered educational or helpful for their minds in any way? That’s a good question to ask if you are trying to give them the chance to play and enjoy their time while at the same time enhancing a skill or another. When it comes to the critical thinking skills that you might want to enhance for your kids, there are some games which we will recommend that could help you, such as:

  • Sorting Games

  • Sorting games are so famous when it comes to kids and they actually help with enhancing their critical thinking skills as well. Try to let your kids sort things out, like animals, objects, numbers, or letters according to specific attributes and categories, such as sorting things according to the colors, the shapes, or for example the habitants or the eating habits if we are talking about animals. This sorting thing will give the child the chance to think about the similarities and differences and thus make better understanding upon which they would be able to make better decisions.

  • Building Blocks

  • This is another constant game that would be found in any home with children out there, but how could these blocks help kids enhance their critical thinking skills? When you give your child the freedom to become creative and start making different shapes out of these blocks, they will eventually come to the point where they will build things and start telling you a story about them; they could build houses, garage for cars, playgrounds, and million other things which you might not even imagine until the child gives you their explanation. This way, kids will think, consider the number of blocks they have and sometimes even the color, and will eventually come up with something to build.

  • Riddles

  • When you are choosing a game to play with your child, it is first important to choose one that would be suitable with their age. Riddles are very interesting for kids and they won’t even know that you are actually working on their critical thinking skills. Kids love the idea of guessing and coming up with the right answer at the end, and that’s exactly what will bring their minds working at the end. Riddles help kids think critically while trying to find the right answers, weigh the different answers they might have come up with, and eventually boost their confidence level to give the final answers, which will eventually make them great critical thinkers.

  • Ask Open-ended Questions

  • If you want to give your child the space to think then it is important to choose the questions you are asking. Open-ended questions will give kids the chance to think logically, consider different options that might pop-up in their heads, and give an answer that you both could discuss, unlike the yes/no questions which might on the other hand give them the feeling that they are not given much space regarding which option to go for. This is considered one of the interesting games which you could play with your kids in order to listen to their creative answers, see how far their minds could get, and at the same time see what kind of information they actually have.

  • Puzzles

  • There are several different benefits that puzzles carry for kids and among which critical thinking is found. Puzzles play a great role in the child development in general and from the different benefits that they bring along, there is also helping kids to concentrate, improving their spatial perception skills by identifying which pieces could fit together, recognizing shapes, learning about different topics through completing puzzles for them, helps with fine motor skills when it comes to toddlers as well as hand and eye coordination, it also helps with the memory, with solving problems, with raising the child’s self-esteem by completing a puzzle, as well as helping with their social skills if they are playing with others. All these different skills that puzzles could help with, eventually help the child become more of a critical thinker after choosing the right pieces, trying them out, working out others, and eventually completing the whole puzzle game.

When you come to choose a specific game for your child, you should always balance between those which are going to help him/her enhance specific skills and learn new things, and those other games or toys which they might just play with for fun or for loving the character or the toy. Helping your child to learn coding is one of the things that will also help him/her to become a good critical thinker and you could do that through our game-based coding platform that gives them the chance to play and learn at the same time, you could check our different plans here.

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