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Gamification; A Learning Engagement Concept

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With the virtual, online learning experiences that people are passing by more frequently the past couple of years, and most probably the coming ones as well, the educational process should get more exciting and engaging in order to ensure the continuity of the student in the course. Now, there are different game-based platforms that offer courses and bootcamps to the student to give them the chance to learn through playing by just applying the characteristics of game elements into the course. Learn more about gamification in this blog.

What is Gamification?

RoboGarden is one of the different platforms that started the gamification concept to make the learning experience of the student much more interesting and engaging, especially when it comes to kids who always want to be on top of the list. So, what exactly is the concept of gamification?

Gamification is known to be the concept of applying game-based elements and game principles in non-game contexts. As much as such game elements have been used in order to entertain people, they have also been used for years now to educate as well. Some examples of these game elements are the badges, the points gained, the score, etc. Also, gamification is sometimes defined as a set of activities and processes that is being used to solve problems by using and applying the different elements of a game.

Even though people always consider gamification as a new concept, it has always been applied to different concepts out there, even if they were not related to technology and computers. Lots of people used to turn specific work tasks into fun activities in order to manage going through the workload and finish all what they have to do, and that’s exactly why people are now depending on this gamification concept in education, especially for kids.

What Are the Benefits of Gamification?

Coming to the different benefits of gamification and the reasons why lots of schools, universities, and colleges are going in the direction of applying it in educating students, we have to mention that game-based elements are related to rewarding users for achievements, providing users with badges, etc. and that is how students are motivated to keep going and continue with the course they have started.

Real-world activities, like studying, are made game-like in order to motivate people to achieve their goals. There are some benefits in addition to this that gamification carries for kids and adults, such as:

  • Making the learning experience more fun and interactive, it does not totally turn the educational content into a complete game, but makes the learning process more engaging.

  • Bringing educators to the course content more often. Imagine yourself playing a game that you want to reach a high score in, you will keep coming back in order to achieve that goal, and that’s exactly the same with education, students will keep coming back to the course content to get extra points, level up, and gain more badges.

  • Receiving instant feedback. This is one important thing in the educational process, to get instant feedback while you are learning; for example, the app/platform telling you to try again, knowing that you have achieved a level and now you are having a new badge, receiving hints if you needed help; such instant feedback will always get the learner more motivated to keep going instead of waiting for an answer from the instructor.

  • Improving knowledge absorption and boosting knowledge retention by blending endorphins and the awareness of real-world benefits. This is important because learners must access what they learn through gamification when they actually need it in the real world.

  • Making the learning process much easier and more fun for the learners since they are having fun and actively participating, and thus will be absorbing information much easier even when it comes to the complicated subjects and matters.

  • Seeing the real-world applications through getting the first look at how their choices will look like in the game and what the results will be. This is important because learners at this point will need to think clearly before taking any steps forward outside the virtual classroom which have more risks that they might face.

Gamification in eLearning

In addition to the several different benefits that gamification offers in education in general, there are those related to eLearning which we should mention as well. What most of the people are not well aware of is the fact that there is an exact science behind why gamification is beneficial in eLearning.

According to science, when the student plays eLearning games, there’s a hormone known as endorphins that is released, which is the same released by the body when it participates in some physical activities, such as exercising. This hormone challenges the learners and gives them the motivation needed to achieve a particular reward, such as moving on to the next level, and that way, the learners not only have fun while learning but they also retain more information.

Talking about gamification from the scientific point of view, it is important to mention that endorphins are neurotransmitters that send signals between neurons, and that’s they gamification is beneficial since it creates a sense of excitement within the learners because they feel that they have achieved something, which in turn makes the learners more motivated and thus turn the whole learning experience into a more memorable one.

About 80% of the learners say that they would enjoy learning more and become more productive if their curriculum included game-like content. The favorite gamification techniques that learners always prefer and which make them more motivated include scores, avatars, and virtual currencies.

Not only educational institutions are adding the gamification concept to their courses, but there are even some companies which already managed to add game-like training to their employees, such as IBM, Xerox, Deloitte, and others, and which proved to carry effective results with the employees.

The Gamification concept is now being applied in different universities and other educational providers, and after knowing more about these different benefits, it should now attract more people to apply it in nurseries, schools, universities, and even companies. RoboGarden is one of the educational places that offers different courses and bootcamps based on the idea of gamification applied in its recognized platform that uses some of the gamification elements, such as badges, scores, and levels. You can learn more here.

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