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How Computer Science Education Helps Students Throughout Their Lives?

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For decades, computer science education has been applied in schools in some countries, but some of them consider it an elective, one subject which the student has the right to either choose to leave behind. In the past couple of years, coding and programming have been taking the lead, referring to the several different benefits that students will gain when they learn how to code and speak the language of the computer, not just in the school, but also in the university and the career they are going to choose.

Computer science education helps students perform in schools, college, and workplaces, and this goes back to the general different benefits that it brings along in addition to the actual purpose of learning more about computers in general.

There are general cognitive-related benefits known that come along with computer science education, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, decision making, computational thinking, and other things as well, which means when the student comes to code or program a computer, he/she does not only learn a new skill, but he/she also manages to do better in other aspects of life.

According to different studies, children who study computer science, perform better in other subjects, become better when it comes to problem solving, and are 17% more likely to attend college.

How Does Computer Science Help Students in School?

Every age group and school year reacts differently to coding and every one of them gains different benefits. In primary school for example, it has been proved that students who learned how to code were better scoring in reading, writing, math, and science. Students in secondary school on the other hand proved to gain benefits from computer science education when it comes to their Advanced Placement exams, such as calculus or statistics.

Generally speaking, kids who study computer science from primary to secondary school were more likely to enroll in college education, which is one of the most important benefits that CS education brings along, not just that, but students also learn to become problem solvers and critical thinkers throughout their educational years due to their exposure to coding and programming and being able to solve the bugs that might appear along the way, which definitely reflects on their personal lives as well.

Computer Science Benefits Students in their Workplaces as well

In addition to the benefits gained by students from computer science education during their school years, there are other important benefits for it when it comes to the workplace. The language of the computer is going to be the language of the future, coding will actually be an important skill, just like reading and writing, because even today, computers and robots started taking a lot of the job roles which humans are supposed to be the ones doing. That’s the reason why almost every person out there should learn to code, whether he/she is going to be part of the technical related jobs or else not, because almost every field out there will require those coding skills.

Computing occupations are now the fastest growing and largest segment of all professions spanning all industries, and according to Stanford University, computer science graduates earn 40% more than average university graduates. This is just a proof that computer science is definitely one of the things that schools should definitely consider when it comes to educating students at schools, and one of the things that will benefit kids in their education and career as well as their personal lives.

Why Study Computer Science?

In addition to the previous benefits that students will gain when they get well educated about coding and programming, there are some general benefits that we should shed the lights on, such as helping students learn to solve general complex and challenging problems, making students more creative and innovative, and giving students the chance to be good enough when it comes to teamwork or even when they are supposed to finish their work alone.

The interesting thing about computer science is that it is part of everything we do, it is actually part of our everyday life, and this goes back to how every technological thing that is used in homes, schools, and work are built according to some coding commands given to them. The Association of Computer Machinery once commented that coding will be found in everything that we do on a daily basis, starting from the cars we drive and even ending with how businesses and governments tend to deal with us. “Understanding different dimensions of computing is part of the necessary skill set for an educated person in the 21st century. Whether you want to be a scientist, develop the latest killer application, or just know what it really means when someone says ‘the computer made a mistake’, studying computing will provide you with valuable knowledge”.

With all the changes taking place around the world, there are different benefits for computer science which we should consider, and which include:

  • Changing the World

  • This is not about taking the world to another place with your mentality, but it’s actually about the skills that you will have and which will give you the chance to build applications and programs that would change the world. New ideas should always be serving humanity and taking it forward, so you will at this point come up with a great idea and then try to get it to the real world with your IT skills.

  • Self-Development

  • Computer science will definitely add new skills to any person and this will in turn help when it comes to self-development. Students of computer science education could actually start working part-time jobs wherever they are since this type of work could be done remotely, and thus become more self-independent and develop themselves.

  • Learn to Solve Problems

  • In addition to the technical computing skills that students will learn when it comes to computer science, there are also other beneficial ones which they will learn as well, such as solving critical problems, developing their imagination, and also developing their mathematical skills.

  • Providing Progress for the Healthcare

  • The interesting thing about computer science is the fact that it could actually improve all the fields of life. Genomics and personalized medicine are an excellent example of how computer science-driven technologies are accelerating healthcare progress.

  • Computer Science Helped with Making Communication easier

  • Again, with the different applications that programmers and coders manage to come up with, communication becomes easier between people who don’t need to cross miles to see each other or pay for a telephone call. Social media, video calls, and chatting made communication much easier and these are products done by programmers and coders.

When it comes to computer science education then there are different benefits which should definitely be mentioned that the student will gain, not just related to the computing world, but also related to different other life aspects. Coding is a skill that employers will be looking for in the future, or even now, and one which all schools should start teaching to their students.

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