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How does coding improve creativity?

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How does coding improve creativity? You hear this phrase a lot recently. The impact of coding on creativity, problem-solving, and alternative thinking is undeniable. To understand why this is true, we must shed some light on facts about coding.

All ways lead to a solution

First, let’s agree that there is no single way to solve a coding problem. You can think of tens, maybe hundreds of ways to solve a coding problem. Each has its own length and execution times, each can handle different exceptions, and each can attack the problem from a different angle. This flexibility in approaching the problem improves creativity. Solving a coding problem is an open-ended question without a specific and final answer.

The wonderful brain

As we all know, the brain consists of two hemispheres: left and right. The left hemisphere is responsible for all analytical and logical thinking, while the right hemisphere is responsible for intuitive thinking and the imagination. Coding improves the functions of both hemispheres and in turn develops the brain as a whole. We know that coding exercises logical and analytical thinking, but it is less known that it also exercises imagination and intuitive thinking.

Imagine a scenario where you are away from a computer and are thinking about a way to calculate the factorial of a number. You can grab a pen and paper and start sketching out a solution, maybe as a flowchart or with pseudocode, which is lines of code written in the natural language to help illustrate the solution to a problem without writing a specific syntax.

You will begin to imagine errors that may arise when you input your solution into a computer, and you will try to handle them. You can do all of this with a pen and paper. You can’t say this doesn’t improve imagination and, in turn, creativity!

Fear of failure

Let’s back up to the point where you imagined there will be errors. This time, you are on a computer. You have an error and you start trying to figure out what may have caused it and how to solve it.

As time passes, you will find yourself experimenting and trying many different possibilities before settling on a solution. As you practice more, you will lose the fear of failure because you will know you will always reach a solution regardless the number of trials you need.

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