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How Does RoboGarden Teach Python?

RoboGarden’s Robo teaches kids Python

Some people may think that learning a new programming language is difficult, especially for kids. In reality, learning to program is simple, fun, and interesting. This is even more true if you learn a language like Python through a smart platform like RoboGarden.

What is Python?

Python is the smart solution for every beginner who wants to learn to code. It is the easiest and the most in-demand language in today’s the job market thanks to its simple editing and the ease with which it can be written or spoken. You just need to know a little English to read and write Python easily. Python is a high-level language that can use in various fields like web development and other programs that use graphical interfaces. It can also integrate with most database systems like Oracle/MySQL.

RoboGarden Teaches Kids Python

RoboGarden offers an effective approach that mixes quality educational content with easy learning to ensure that students glean the greatest benefit possible without ever growing bored with learning. The RoboGarden educational platform teaches kids how to code with friendly Python lessons presented in a gamified fashion that won’t find on another platform.

RoboGarden’s Python journeys are divided into four levels: Discover, Introduction, Master, and Professional. The journeys gradually become more difficult. By the end, kids will be able to write code by themselves. You can learn more by reading through the Python series that RoboGarden offers on its blog.

If you are a RoboGarden member, you’ll enjoy reading the Python series on RoboGarden’s Blog while you explore the adventures that feature Python. If you are not yet registered on RoboGarden, you can only enjoy RoboGarden’s free Python series.

  1. Discover Python with RoboGarden
  2. In this level, RoboGarden presents an easy way to teach kids to code with Python using multiple choice questions. There are four code options for a block single block. The student must choose the only correct choice that represents the block’s equivalent code. Examples of new blocks that your kids will learn in Discover Pythoninclude:

    • Use the color value
    • Set the value of the variable x
    • Print a message on the screen
    • Use the color sensor to get the color of the cell that Robo is standing on

  3. Introduction to Python with RoboGarden
  4. In this level, whose slogan is “Focus on the Highlights,” RoboGarden offers a special way to teach kids new blocks. Specific blocks are highlighted in red. Kids must write out the equivalent Python code themselves in the code editor themselves. Imagine your kid writing code in the blocks for 40 missions!

    Examples of new blocks that your child will learn in “Introduction to Python“ include:

    • Step forward and backward one cell.
    • Rotate right or left.
    • Repeat a given action for a given value of time.
    • Print a given character on the cell on which Robo is standing.

  5. Master Python with RoboGarden
  6. RoboGarden teaches Python to kids in the same way as the Introduction to Python lesson, but with complex blocks such as lists. The new blocks that your kids will learn in “Master Python“include:

    • Create an empty list.
    • Create a list with the given elements.
    • Insert an element in an array, or update the first, last, or otherwise-specified element of the array.
    • Find, remove, or find and remove the first, last, or specified item in an array.

  7. Professional Python with RoboGarden
  8. Professional Python is the last level in the Python journeys. In this level, RoboGarden shows its students some steps that will help them control the process of writing coding themselves. These steps include:

    • Set up the Python IDE.
    • Write a Hello World program.
    • Explore the Python debugger.
    • Trace their own code.
    • Much, much more.

    Explore the magical world of RoboGarden that is filled with adventures and missions that teach Python. Try it now.

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