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How RoboGarden does homeschooling

A young girl with her mother are enjoying with  homeschooling.

New method of education

RoboGarden was originally built to spread coding education between students of different ages. Its creators believed that school subjects are not enough. RoboGarden’s content creators have enriched the curriculum with multiple learning outcomes that cover a lot of subjects, including math, physics and social studies among others.

Empowering parents

RoboGarden offers parents a monitoring dashboard to keep track of their children’s progress. When a parent registers with RoboGarden, they can use the “My Children page” in the top navigation bar to add children. Children can’t have emails; they can only use their accounts once they are created by the parent. In other words, children don’t need to activate their accounts because their parent has already activated them.

When a child is added, a new card will appear in the My Children page to give a summary of that child’s information and progress. It also shows the child’s first and last names, their profile picture, their score (XP), the coins they’ve earned, and their total mission progress shown as the percentage of missions completed divided by the total number of missions the child has access to.

The parent can click “See More” on their child’s card to view more details about the child’s progress. When the parent clicks “See More,” they are redirected to a new dashboard page that includes all journeys the child is subscribed to based on the parent’s subscription, which is visible on the left navigation bar.

When parent clicks on a journey, they can monitor the details of their child’s progress including the score and the percentage of tasks passed divided by the total number of tasks in the journey. Tasks include tutorials, missions, and quizzes. Completed tasks that have been passed and tasks that have never been played are also shown.

Complete access

A parent also can monitor the status of each task in each adventure. If the task is passed successfully it’ll have green checkmark. If it’s not passed, then it’ll have a red checkmark. Parents can search for specific adventures to monitor their details. They can click on the up arrow on the right to the search bar to hide or unhide this section.

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