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How Should Kids Learn During COVID-19 Outbreak

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It was all unexpected, the turn that the world took came suddenly, and countries, hospitals, and doctors were not prepared for this outbreak. Coronavirus appeared in China and kept spreading to the rest of the world, some managed to handle the situation by putting the whole country under quarantine emergency situation, while others are still in the first initial steps of closing schools and switching to e-learning and reducing the number of employees in the offices by giving those who can the opportunity to work from home.

E-learning is now taking the lead and students are asked to study and get educated at home. Parents and kids are not used to e-learning without being the ones behind the decision, so since RoboGarden is one of the Canadian e-learning players, we decided to help in giving parents and kids the tips they might need to consider in order to get educated and spend their time at home doing the right activities.

How to Help Kids Get Educated at Home?

During emergency situations, we should all cling our hands together in order to let this time pass without more losses. Staying at home and being safe is one needed step to be taken by people these days, in addition to taking care of their hygiene, but how could kids get educated online when they are not used to and what are the different useful activities which they could do in order to fill their free time at home without getting bored?

  • Don’t Keep Criticizing Your Kids for the Simplest Mistakes

  • Take it easy, kids are not used to getting criticized by their teachers at schools, they have always been advised to correct their mistakes in the right ways in order not to be pushed hard and far away from education. Follow the correct methods if you are going to be the one to homeschool your child, if your kids’ teachers are going to give them classes through videos then parents should relax.

  • Don’t Make the Lesson Appear Boring

  • Kids are staying at home for the time being and they need to get educated in an interesting way, so try to avoid making the classes so boring and unexciting because that’s how they will be easily turned off, instead make the classes interesting and give them lots of breaks during the lesson, this way their minds will take a little break during the lesson and thus will be able to grasp more information every time they go back to their “home class”.

  • Help Your Kids Take Their Decisions

  • Most of the schools sent the students to study and get educated at home with schoolwork to do or even provided them with online platforms through which they could learn through. Such assignments are not a choice which the kids are the one to take, they are not negotiable and the kids should do them. In addition to the school related work, there are other things that parents could do at home and which could help them get educated through this period of time, such activities and information are the choice of the kids.

    Ask your kids what they want to learn about and choose interesting activities that would deliver this information to them, which could be done through the different hands-on STEM activities, such as playing with slime, learning more through playing in the kitchen, etc.

  • Schedule and Help Kids Disconnect

  • Homeschooling at the moment became obligatory in different countries due to the spread of COVID-19 and this should give parents the chance to think critically about how they are going to handle the situation and help their kids learn while they are stuck at their homes. It’s important for parents to prepare real schedules and place them in areas where the whole house would be accessible to, such as on the fridge door or in the living room, this schedule should tell the whole house what they will be doing during every single hour of the day.

    While you are putting down a schedule for the whole house, it is important to do that with all the members of the family, let every one share his/her thoughts about how the day should go. One other important thing is helping the kids have some time for themselves, children also need to have their own time, they might need to disconnect from studying, sitting with their families, or doing something upon a schedule, they just need to freely do something based on their own needs.

  • Help Your Kids Talk to You as Their Teacher

  • To make things easier for your kids, try to let them deal with you as if you are their real teacher, this will help them get in the mood of school and thus will accept the fact that learning from home is the only option they have and the way they are going to get educated during the time being. One important thing to consider when it comes to this tip is to also help your kids separate between considering you a teacher during the time of learning and talking to you as their parent during the rest of the day, this will help them feel the difference that might be taking place.

COVID-19 turned the world into a big homeschool, kids are asked to stay safe at home and get educated there, parents are asked to work from their homes if they have the chance to in order to stay safe, and every other thing is being closed down; touristic areas, clubs, restaurants and cafes, airports, and more. The world is shutting down to breathe and let the people stay as much protected from Coronavirus as possible.

RoboGarden is supporting the world by providing free access to our numerous adventures and missions. We have succeeded in providing it to China and we want to take it to the rest of the world. Sign up and start educating your kids how to code from home, let them get educated while playing during COVID-19 quarantine.

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