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How to Get Your Kid Started with Game Development?

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In today’s world, getting kids more involved with technology is considered a must, because at the end that’s what is in demand right now. To get your child started, you first need to choose the right educational journey and move in a planned order; choose the right course, start with an introductory course then move on to a more advanced one, and most importantly choose what your child will love to learn and do. Video games are one thing that all kids love to play, so creating these games and learning more about them is definitely one good thing to teach them to do. Keep reading to learn more.

What is Game Development Education?

You might think that playing video games is the only thing that your child might get interested in, but actually understanding the whole concept of designing and creating a game and sharing the outcome with friends and family members is another thing that your child will feel proud of.

Game development is the process of designing and creating a game using code, this includes thinking about an idea for the game, going through the design and how it will look like, and creating something that could be shared with the public. Everything in between will also be included in the whole journey of creating a game.

Teaching kids more about game development does not just empower them with skills like coding and design, but it builds other important skills which they will need in their daily lives, such as problem solving, critical thinking, and working within a team.

Can Kids Learn Game Development?

At first, when parents started to hear about coding and the fact that most of the schools are making it part of the curriculum for the students, they got a bit astonished because they didn’t imagine that a 4-year-old or 5-year-old can actually be able to learn to write code. This brings up one of the frequently asked questions by parents which is: is it possible that kids could learn to develop or build a game that early?

The answer is yes, kids can learn game development with the different applications and websites that are offering this for them right now, and they could also join any of the courses that help them as well. Kids could start with editing the games which they already know before they start creating ones from scratch, and they could do so without being skilled programmers or computer experts.

Other kids start directly with learning to create games from scratch through online classes and tutorials, so it is definitely possible that your little kid could become a game developer at an early age.

How to Get Your Kid Started?

Lots of parents out there don’t know from where they should start or which courses they should enroll their kids in. There are different courses out there for kids where they could learn to code, develop their own apps, and build their own games, but it is important to choose the one that perfectly fits your child in terms of their age, what they love the most, and how they prefer to receive the course.

In addition to the course which you are going to choose for your child, it is important to take the right steps. Here are some steps to follow in order not to overwhelm your child and let him/her lose interest in the whole experience.

  • Start with the courses that will teach your child to edit some of the games which they already know about and love to play, such as Minecraft for example. This will make it easier for them to grasp the whole idea behind game development, the different steps that one has to go through in order to create a real game, what they should start with and what is important, etc. It will work as a trial version before they start with the little details in between.

  • After your kid starts with editing a game which he/she already knows, you should then move one step forward with him/her, give him/her the chance to learn more about what is game development, what is coding, how do they write a code and then see it as a game in the end, give them the chance to read about it all, to join a course that will tell them more about the basics of the process, and then help them to use their minds in imagining and trying.

  • Help your child to try, fail, try again, until they succeed, because without your support and without pushing them forward to do what they want, they might not get there. Kids should take the ladder step by step, so after they learn to edit, create from scratch, they need to keep trying. There are lots of online tutorials which they could depend on in order to learn a specific thing to improve the game they created, or they could also join an online course. There are different courses which you could check here.

  • Let your kids play lots of different games and evaluate them. They should have this critical thinking manner in which they evaluate the game in terms of what they like about it, what they prefer to change, what they want to add or remove, etc. this will help your child to be creative while creating new games.

These are the initial steps which any parent should keep in mind when thinking about helping your child to learn more about game development. Once kids get started, there are some other tips they should keep in mind in order to create games that other people will love to play and which will turn out to be successful.

There are different advantages for early STEM education for kids. Getting kids exposed to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics from an early age is not just important for the demands of the current workforce, but it is also important because technology is now in everything we use and kids should understand this world now. Game development is one of the things that attracts children because they will be creating something which they already love to do in their daily lives, and that is a good enough reason to get them started.

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