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How to use coding as an effective learning method?

Have you ever gotten bored during a lecture? The problem definitely isn’t you. Sometimes it’s an instructor issue. Different teaching methods are a major factor when it comes to easy learning in plenty of fields such as programming, marketing, learning a game, or solving puzzles. It's so important to save your valuable time by considering what you want to learn. From there, you must choose your teacher wisely.

The teaching methods embraced by most instructors typically involve lectures, which require the student to sit quietly and absorb information. The instructor’s presentation can be as fun and engaging as possible, but when a student only acts as a listener they won’t fully own the knowledge.

As the lecture continues, perhaps it will transition into a discussion where the students discuss a particular subject while the student supervises and guides the interaction. This method increases interaction between the teacher and students, and the students with each other. The learning process is more active and therefore more effective.

RoboGarden takes active learning to a whole new level with various missions and activities that use the concept of discussion to set the stage for a fun time. Missions begin with a short video that helps facilitate the upcoming programming. From there, kids (or anyone else who wants to learn to code) get to apply their new knowledge in a series of fun challenges that gradually increase in difficulty. RoboGarden acts as a teacher who guides their students as they practice coding.

When instructors gear their teaching approach towards forcing students to think about what they are learning by applying new information towards a specific project, they are accomplishing the exact same thing that RoboGarden does. Here , you can measure your progress and strengthen your programming skills by completing a variety of exciting missions with different scenarios. Each mission requires you to use code blocks or statements. There are always many solutions to each problem, so have fun thinking of alternative answers. RoboGarden is the shortest path to becoming a professional programmer.

RoboGarden is an effective learning tool that is waiting for you and your kids. It will help you learn a complete coding curriculum in an enjoyable way.
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