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Importance of coding in job market

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The Shift:

Computer Science degrees have changed significantly in the past couple of years. In addition to traditional classrooms, there are now online learning opportunities, coding boot camps, and coding initiatives. It has never been easier to learn how to program. Advances in Internet connection speeds and the rise of smartphones have resulted in the development of new applications for smartphone apps, cloud-based interfaces and databases, and complex web environments.

The Job Market:

The job market is undergoing a dramatic shift. By 2020, nearly one million coding jobs will be vacant. When you think about it, programming knowledge can serve you well in your career; programming jobs are often well paid with rapid promotions. You can also enter competitions, which offer cash prizes and bolster a resume.

There is a high turnover rate for programming jobs. As the number of coding opportunities grows, however, the competition for these vacancies increases. You can take a closer look at different programming careers to see what their main roles and responsibilities will be. Individual career paths require some specialization, but there will always be common skills that are universally required.

The Top Demanding Skills:

Technical adaptability is a good place to start. People with good technical adaptability can easily integrate new skills and capabilities while adapting to different situations. Good collaboration skills can also be useful since coding requires people to work together in teams. Yet another highly-sought after skill is a willingness to learn new platforms and to stay up-to-date on new technology.

Even the smartest and fastest learning junior developers have not been exposed to enough code or edge cases to have the experience and familiarity with software design patterns that a senior developer brings to the table. As you progress in your career and transition into managerial role, the demand for technical skills will decrease. Instead, non-technical skills will become more important since they are more compatible with strong leadership.


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