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Internet Of Things

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There is a lot of buzz today about the Internet of Things, or IoT. The IoT impacts everything in our lives, from the way we shop, travel, learn, and monitor our businesses, to the way we take care of our kids

What is IOT?

The Internet of Things connects devices to the Internet and then to other connected devices. A variety of devices are connected to the IoT, including smart microwaves, smart TVs, self-driving cars, wearable fitness devices, and even footballs that are used to record data for future training purposes.

Devices are embedded with built in sensors that are connected to an Internet of Things platform , which integrates data from the different devices to address specific needs. The IoT platform then decides what information is useful and can safely be used. This information is later used to make recommendations and detect possible problems before they occur. The information compiled from connected devices enables us to make smart decisions about our daily operations and even our business operations.

With the insight provided by advanced analytics comes the power to make processes more efficient. Smart systems mean you can automate certain tasks with little to no intervention from you.

Everything around us is becoming connected and smart:

A connected or IoT-enabled alarm clock can check your calendar to see if your meeting has been cancelled and change your wake-up time accordingly. It can check traffic and weather conditions for you to see if you want to start your trip to work earlier than usual. It can calculate the driving distance and travel time for your alternate route to work. It might even sync with your IoT-enabled coffee maker to ensure your morning cup is ready for you when you get up.

Your connected car has sensors that monitor the engine for problems. If something goes amiss, the car can recommend the nearest auto repair shop and then provide directions. It will also monitor your gas level and inform you when you need to refuel. The car manufacturer can then use data collected from several cars to monitor for repeated issues and to see if they should recall a certain model from the market or offer to extend warranties to encourage owners to replace individual parts.

Everything around us is becoming connected and smart. This is the era of big data, where every chunk of data is valuable and helps redefine the process and offer better services. We should at least develop a better understanding of the new and emerging tech around us so we can use it safely and efficiently. This begins with a solid understanding of coding. You can learn how to program today! Register for free and try RoboGarden now.

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