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Is Coding Part of STEAM?

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A lot of people ask whether coding is considered a STEAM topic or else not. Actually, computer programming integrates the different parts of STEAM in its education and that is one reason why coding is one of the recommended things that schools around the world are now integrating for their students. Learning the skill of coding is important, but what’s even more important than this is what students will learn to do after they understand how to code. Let’s learn more about coding’s relation to STEAM.

What is STEAM?

Before understanding how coding and STEAM support each other, it is first important to understand what STEAM stands for. STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. STEAM education is an approach that uses these five different fields for enhancing any student’s critical thinking, problem solving, communication, collaboration, and creativity and innovation skills.

The main goal behind STEAM education is to help students develop the skills needed for the future, these skills help them adapt to the evolving and fast-paced environment, and which at the same time helps them use both the right and the left sides of the brain simultaneously, which is needed in the 21st century.

What Does Coding Have to Do with STEAM?

As mentioned above, coding is definitely considered an important topic of STEAM education. Every part of the STEAM acronym is related to the process of learning to code in one way or another. Going through every single letter of the acronym will tell you more about why coding is related to STEAM, here’s why:

  • Science

  • The letter “S” in STEAM stands for science and it is important to differentiate between learning scientific things while coding and following some scientific methods in the process. While learning to code, you will try your experiment until it works and that’s exactly what the scientific method is all about and that also explains why coding and science are related to one another.

  • Technology

  • At first, you might link coding to technology since it is all based on writing codes and creating applications, but coding and technology are related in so many different other ways, especially if we are still talking about kids. There are some exercises which kids start learning before they get to the part of blockly coding, such as working on a flashlight that changes its colors, a lamp that turns on when a specific action is taken, etc. and that’s exactly what technology is all about when it comes to coding. Coding is known to be the process of putting codes or steps in a specific order for a specific end result to happen, and that is what technology helps with.

  • Engineering

  • If we are thinking about the previous example of the relation between coding and technology then we have to say that engineering is the process of imagining, planning, and executing the process of technology. To make it easier, we can say that technology is the end result or the project that you will need to reach, while engineering in this case is the process that you are going to follow in order to reach this end result.

  • Arts

  • Coding is one way of trying to come creative with what you are trying to offer to the world; for example an application which will help them solve a problem, make things faster, etc. and while creating an app, it is important to become creative in the way you are creating things. Creativity might be in the idea itself, the way you are creating it, the design you are going to present it through, and all such details, and that’s exactly how coding and arts are also related to one another.

  • Mathematics

  • Thinking about coding, mathematics will always pop up. Coding is always linked to mathematics – or in other words to numbers. The interesting thing about coding is that it helps in making mathematics much easier for the kids to understand, because the more things become complicated, the less they will enjoy it and thus the less they will be able to understand. One of the good things about teaching kids how to code from an early age is giving them the chance to learn math without finding it complicated.

Why is STEAM Important?

After understanding the link that is carried between coding and STEAM education, there’s a question that might come to your mind: why is STEAM education important? STEAM education is important for several different reasons, such as helping kids to become creative and think outside the box and thus manage to handle and approach tasks from a different perspective.

In addition to creativity, STEAM education also makes kids more confident since it combines education with technology, science, arts, engineering, and mathematics, giving kids the chance to tackle issues with more self-confidence.

And finally, when they are self-assured of themselves and think creatively and logically, kids become able to solve different problems while they are collaborating with their peers, friends, or family members.

That’s how STEAM education and coding will help kids build their personalities and gain the skills which they will need in the future and which will serve them a place in the 21st century workforce.

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