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Learning Programming: Where to Start?

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The environment for learning programming is the same as any other STEM subject. It requires a refined and revised curriculum that suits the learner’s age group, a well-trained instructor, and, depending on the nature of the course, a convenient platform or classroom for online or offline classes.

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Imagine computer science as a network in which each field is either partially or fully connected to other fields. For example, programming is fully connected to every other field of computer science. When you decide to start learning to program, you must figure out in which field you intend to start. Programming is a means to an end, a tool that can help you achieve your end goal. If you want to get into data science and analytics, you will have to go ahead start learning Python and/or R.

When you decide to learn coding, don’t just Google the most widely-used programming languages and start with the one on the top. Instead, spend some time figuring out what you ultimately want to do with programming. You might end up learning a language that’s rarely used, but that is the right language for your application.

Useful tips for beginners

Here are some hints for when you start learning a new language. First, make sure you take the time to familiarize yourself with the terms and keywords of the language you are learning. It can seem overwhelming at first, but the earlier you start, the easier it gets over time. Second, try to get at least 10 minutes of practice every day. For example, try to solve a new problem or find a new solution to a mathematical problem. You could even work on making your code smaller and more efficient. Practice makes perfect!

What will you do

When you begin learning computer science as a segue to learning programming, you will first need to complete an intro to computer science course. There plenty of free online courses to choose from. Next, you will need to get comfortable with logic (propositional logic) that will benefit you when you start writing your first lines of code. When you are comfortable with your language of choice, you can start a data structures and algorithms course to help you enhance your coding skills and optimize your solutions and execution times.

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