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Programming languages are different from human languages. The fundamentals of learning a new language such as Chinese or German include pronunciation practice. Coding is different; it is the ability to think as the computer thinks and divide a big problem into pieces that allow you to find a suitable solution

Coding importance:

Our interaction with coding concepts and machine languages must be as important as our dialect. Unfortunately, this subject may take time to be considered one of the basic skills taught in schools alongside reading and arithmetic. RoboGarden wants to play a part in this new coding culture, so we have developed different fun coding activities to make coding concepts as easy as speaking in our mother tongue.

What are RoboGarden activities?

RoboGarden activities are a collection of missions that divided into three levels that gradually increase in difficulty.

Levels of RoboGarden activities:

  • Beginner

  • The Beginner level consists of group of missions to help students learn new coding blocks. It's developed especially for kids who are seven or eight years old. It is appropriate for anyone who needs to learn coding but has no baseline knowledge of the subject. Kids will solve some mathematical problems in a fun way while learning to code.

  • Intermediate

  • The Intermediate level is suitable for kids aged 9 to 13 years. If you have a background with the Scratch coding concepts, you can dive into this level as an introduction to becoming a programmer. Kids will discover that math has become easier while they code. They will also use loops to reduce the number of code blocks.

  • Advanced

  • Like the Intermediate level, the Advanced level is also for kids aged 9 years to 13 years. The courses in this level are more difficult and cover more intricate coding concepts. The Advanced level is developed especially for the brightest and most determined students in this age range. Kids will be introduced to the concept of conditional statements and will learn how to handle multiple test cases.

RoboGarden activity levels are focused on STEAM education, good morals, and life skills. While delivering these lessons, RoboGarden activities teach coding in a fun and easy way. The educational component of the game is enjoyable for all students and comes complete with creative content and delightful scenarios that take place in various captivating scenarios.

If you are eager to make the skill of writing code as easy as it is to speak your language, register for free and play RoboGarden’s wonderful activity.

Importance of coding education Robogarden programs



Now you can start your activity, which consists of between five and twelve lessons that cover different subjects, with RoboGarden

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