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Unity game development series: Modelling in Unity


Unity is one of the most widely-used game engines available. New content creators often fall into many mistakes when they begin modeling their first game characters and environments.

What is the biggest known mistake?

The biggest mistake is a lack of planning prior to starting the modelling process. Modelling on the go has the upside of saving time and reducing character complexity, but the positives don’t always outweigh the negatives. Game assets need to be finalized in detail and planned well before you begin to model. Below we explore some considerations that you should be mindful of as you model your first scene in Unity.

Simplicity is the key:

Always go for the simple shapes and take care to avoid adding unnecessary polygons into your model. Make sure every polygon has a purpose. Simplicity, simplicity: it can take you places.

Complex geometry can be difficult to handle and to render in real time, even on capable hardware since it burns memory. Shapes and geometry that are unnoticeable are unnecessary additions that will use up resources.

What about lighting:

Adding light effects onto objects is a critical process. There are two types of lighting: static and dynamic. Objects can be marked as static lighting objects, which is best if the object is small and doesn’t have much texture. As an object increases in volume and as the texture becomes more complicated, it is vital to add dynamic lighting to the scene.

Simpler and smoother surfaces produce better indirect lighting because of the efficiency of the way space is used in the textures. Sometimes meshes can be simplified to lessen the resources used by the geometry, resulting in better outcomes. For objects that only receive lighting from dynamic sources, the geometry still needs special attention to ensure that it is lit properly no matter how large it is.

Designing a game is not an easy task. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work, but if you practice you can get the job done. We will continue talking about different aspects of game development in later articles.

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