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Movies and the Near Future


Have you seen at least one of those movies: Avengers based on Marvel, Interstellar, Her, the Matrix?

If the answer is yes, let me explain why I think that is.

How computers inform movies

All of these movies have one things in common: their reliance on the computer as a plotline.

There is no doubt that the computer, in contemporary society, is a vital element our cultures and identities, indispensable from both. These movies can reflect our vision of the future, illustrate our imaginations and innovate forms of technological life, foreshadow our hopes and fears.

Movies that directly involve or reference the computer as a plot line are the biggest revenue generating in box office history.

In April 2019 alone, Marvel hauled in more than $1.2 billion at the global box office through its team of superheroes “Avengers". The Matrix is an everyday reference by now, Her foreshadowed Alexa.

These kind of movies are a success because they are the closest to us, the viewer, in terms of our experience.

What is real and what is fiction?

Watching these movies, however, it’s difficult to sometimes understand what is possible in terms of science and what is fiction for our enjoyment.

Are we close to programming a suit like Iron Man’s?

Will our future become complicated like the Marvel movies if we continue to rely on the computer?

Will Alexa evolve to love me?

Only those familiar with computer science and programming languages are the ones who can determine which part of these movies is viable based on science and which part is pure drama. Learning to program and understand computer science allows you a whole world of knowledge and possibility when confronted with future world building.

You can sit passively, not knowing how close the near future really is, or you can actively take steps to shape it.

See and learn how the world if built, either through cinema or real-life application, by easily learning to program today. Join RoboGarden today and register for free.

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