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No more suffering for junior programmers with RoboGarden

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Many people are willing to learn to code, but they have concerns about the process. One such concern is the difficulty of learning how to code. Another is the fear of failure. Other fears arise because junior coders look to professionals as extraordinary minds capable of understanding the impossible code. These fears regarding the obstacles facing those who are just starting out make many people turn away from learning to code entirely.

Let us introduce some obstacles that make junior coders stumble on their path of learning to program:

1. Learning about a computer and how it works

We use computers daily to watch films, track social media, or play games. Many of us don't know how computers work, including people who want to be programmers. When we get started in the field of programming, we learn that all of these activities are a collection of code that has been written in a specific way using a programming language. The code is used to make the media look just the way you see it. This is shocking to many junior coders.

2. The urgency of the results

Many junior coders wish to quicken the results. Their first steps programming may come too slowly for their taste, especially when they wish to compete with the applications on their personal computers. Newcomers to programming are surprised that they have not achieved instant success in creating an integrated program, so they get frustrated.

3. The defeatist attitude

All careers have individuals who are just defeatists. These people spread the poison of despair and make those around them feel that success is far away and full of obstacles. Consider this great quote by Thomas Edison: “Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” It’s important not to let anyone convince you that there’s no path to success.

4. The panic

Do not let fear create obstacles that weaken your resolve. Every career is difficult in the beginning. Through the determination, continuous learning, and the right learning methods, your effort will be rewarded with elegant success.

5. A lack of goal

Not setting goals and targets lead to confusion, which ends with a loss of time and effort. You must set your goals as you learn a new programing language. For example, ask yourself what you want to be: a web programmer or desktop programmer? Will you work with Microsoft, Linux, Macintosh, or a mobile platform? Set your goals to find the best path to achieve them.

The best way to elegant success

Your first steps will be as easy and enjoyable as possible with RoboGarden. It's time to say goodbye to suffering and obstacles.

RoboGarden is the best platform for learning! It has a high rate of success thanks to its mixture of quality of educational content based on the STEAM curriculum and other elements of enjoyable learning through various colourful worlds.

Defeat your fear and learn to code now with RoboGarden.

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