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Online Learning Tools for Kids

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Closing schools in the past two years has been on and off due to COVID-19 pandemic, and children turning to online education has become something normal, that’s of course in addition to the time they spend on screen in general. Being online for a longer period of time makes it important to start shedding the light on the beneficial online learning tools that could be useful for kids. These tools differ according to the purpose, some provide them with more information, while others help in making the process of learning a lot easier. Read this article to learn more.

If you are searching for some learning tools or websites to direct your child to in order to learn something new then you should check some of these:

  • National Geographic for Kids

  • Even adults watch National Geographic and learn a lot about the world they are living in, so how much will that be useful when it comes to kids? National Geographic for kids will not only teach them about animals, but there are also videos and articles about different topics, such as science, experiments, and the environment, so it will definitely be a great addition for any child out there. If your kid is 10 years or older, you should definitely get them exposed to National Geographic Kids because it always brings fresh content for them.

  • ABCmouse

  • Another useful learning tool for your child is a website called ABCmouse which is applicable for kids between 2 and 8 years old. The purpose behind ABCmouse is to get kids prepared for kindergarten and beyond, that’s why it educates them about different topics related to math, science, reading and language arts, art and colors, and social studies. There are different games, books, printable arts, songs, and puzzles on this platform for kids to learn through, making the whole experience a lot more interactive.

  • Wonderopolis

  • The whole idea behind this website or learning tool is trying to deliver a piece of information for the kids through several easy ways that they could easily grasp and understand. Sometimes kids ask uncommon questions while they are trying to understand the world they are living in, so Wonderopolis tries to answer these questions in what they call “the Wonder of the Day” which is a question they post every day and try to answer in different ways. This is a great place for your kids to learn about science, technology, social studies, math, language, art, and lots of different other topics.

  • NASA Kids’ Club

  • Kids have different interests, some might be interested in knowing more about science, some love to know about the different animals out there and how to take care of each of them, and there are those who might get interested in the world of space, and those are the ones who will definitely enjoy NASA Kids’ Club, where they will learn more about science and space. Kids could also enjoy some interesting games that are found on the website in addition to the different videos and stories which educate kids.

  • RoboGarden

  • Adding to these different educational and interesting learning tools which kids could depend on in order to learn new things, we have to mention that coding is one of the skills that kids should learn now and which will definitely help them in the future, that’s why RoboGarden is offering its gaming platform for kids where they could learn blockly and textual coding through completing different activities and missions; it’s all about getting Robo moving and getting things done. You could also learn about the different plans here.

Importance of Online Learning Tools

Thinking about the benefits that online learning tools bring along for kids, we have to mention that it makes learning a lot easier since kids could access different websites and learn in the best times for them, and not just that, but in addition to the easiness of receiving the information, these online learning tools enhances their skills when it comes to computer and technology, they become more proficient in using computers and more aware of what the internet world could bring along for them.

Online learning tools are not just related to these different websites which kids could get some information from or learn new things by playing, but there are some communication tools which they get introduced to while they are learning remotely to get connected to their teachers and peers, such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom, which in turn help kids learn more about the online communication tools which they could depend on.

The most important thing to mention when it comes to online learning for kids is the fact that it is self-paced. Self-paced learning is important because some kids might be smarter than others, allowing them to go through the course content faster than others, so online learning in this case will help them to proceed with the content of the course without having to wait for other students, and this will also bring them assessment from their teachers on the spot, so nothing will differ, it will be even better for some people than going to school.

There are different benefits for online learning for kids and which will always depend on the child and his/her skills and interests. Every day new tools and websites for educating things come to life, allowing parents to try different websites and tools with their kids and see which one turns out to be the best match for them.

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