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Play more to learn more with Minecraft and RoboGarden

Cartoon Image to show how to use Minecraft as a game-based learning platform with RoboGarden.

How can RoboGarden revolutionize playtime?

Playing is more enjoyable than learning for kids and adults alike. Traditional teaching methods will never be as effective as learning. RoboGarden's enjoyable online coding classes combined with Minecraft will make learning fun. Through Minecraft challenges that are solved with coding blocks, RoboGarden can help kids learn as they build their own worlds in Minecraft.

How does RoboGarden Integrate with Minecraft?

Minecraft Education Edition offers special features. ]Code Builder is one of those special features. It allows students to use multiple programming tools like RoboGarden to learn to code. Students can use blocks of code or JavaScript to build and create in Minecraft. Players will not polishmywriting only develop computational thinking skills but will also learn how to apply their creations across a coding curriculum.

Setting up RoboGarden for Minecraft

  • Click here to buy Minecraft for Windows 10 from the Windows Store and install it.
  • Next, download the Code Builder app here to connect Minecraft with RoboGarden.
  • Search for the CodeConnection.msi file and double-click on it to begin the installation.

  • When you open Minecraft for the first time, some default templates will be downloaded onto your device and installed, but it would be better to create your own amazing world using the Create New World button. You can control the cheats in your own world by toggling the buttons on or off. You will need to make sure the cheats in the right position to enable all of the coding features for RoboGarden.
  • Click the Code Builder icon. A popup window will appear that asks you to connect to Minecraft. Click to copy the command, then go to Minecraft and press “T.” Paste the command you just copied into the command line. Everything should be connected!
  • You are ready to start your game with RoboGarden Minecraft missions! Just put the required blocks into the workspace and click Run. You will be inspired as you watch the results of your instructions as the Minecraft agent in the Minecraft window follows the code in real time.

Learning to code with Minecraft and RoboGarden through the combination of visual code blocks and Code Builder is an ideal learning tool. Just follow the setup steps and enjoy learning while playing.

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