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Programming in Medicine

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This time we will talk about the application of programming in medicine. Even engineers are learning about the biological behaviors of humans to support the creation of biologically-inspired AI systems.

Data Science in Medicine

Doctors encounter hundreds, maybe thousands of patients. With that much experience, doctors quickly realize that there is a pattern of patients with particular symptoms. They must try to determine how these symptoms relate to a particular cause. Since there’s a lot of data, it is not practical to analyze all of it individually. Instead, machine learning techniques can be applied to predict or to identify the correlation of the symptoms with the patient's state. These machine learning techniques work based on probabilities and statistics.

In Python, you only need to write few lines of code to achieve your goals. There are plenty of resources out there to help you learn. You just need to understand the basics.

Big Data

Diabetes patients can now share their blood glucose levels with their doctors and the medical network through a mobile app that was recently developed in Stanford. By cross-referencing the glucose levels with the patient’s info and medication, a diagnosis can be made easily and medication can be started as early as possible. These principles can be transferred to every other known disease.

Doctors who are comfortable using technology will have an easier time using the applications and services provided by software companies that target the health sector. They will also be able to provide insightful reviews for these products, which will help programmers improve on current versions. This clinical experience will give the apps another dimension.

What to Expect?

As we advance through the digital age, doctors will have added tasks and responsibilities. In turn, they will need to have skills to help transform the medical profession in the new age. Remote examination, diagnosis, and treatment are the next big step. Many applications, sensors, and devices in use today will allow a patient in China ask for help from and get treated by a doctor in the US.

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