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Programming languages in the highest demand

Are you looking for a job that is in constant demand in the labour market and that pays a decent salary? The field of programming is valuable and interesting, and is in constant need of labor. We are quickly approaching a future where programming challenges are taken on even by people who haven’t learned to program. The idea that everyone can code is important since programming is evident in almost everything we experience today.

There are many coding languages to learn. Some have emerged recently and do not have many users, while others are losing popularity and have a dwindling following. Still others gained instant popularity upon their emergency, and still enjoy a wide following and plenty of use today.

Let us review the programming languages that are in the highest demand in terms of use, making these the languages that any programmer should learn:
• JAVA is a programming language developed by James Gosling in 1992. a derivative of C++, JAVA is considered one of the easier coding languages to learn. It is used by millions of programmers and billions of devices around the world
• Python is considered a very easy language that mimics written and spoken syntax. It is used in many different fields, including: web development, information security, the Mozilla Firefox project, Google projects, and NASA.
• JavaScript is used by more than 80% of programmers, perhaps as many as 95%. It’s a versatile language that can be used in web applications to create interactive pages. Most browsers support JavaScript, which has the added benefit of being simple enough that almost anyone can learn it.
• Kotlin was developed in 2016 and is used to write Android applications. It can work on both Java and JavaScript platforms, but it is faster, more efficient, and can accomplish the same task in fewer lines of code.

A programmer should learn the languages that are the most in demand in the labor market, and should constantly pursue personal development as new languages are developed. Children can be taught programming skills like critical analysis, problem solving, and creative thinking from a young age. These skills will set the stage for a bright future with plenty of coding knowledge.

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