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Python: Top Coding Language to Learn

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Coding has been recently a top skill to be learned, for both adults and kids, to give them the chance to find a secure job in the future. When coding and programming are mentioned, people always believe that they will need to work in the tech fields only, which is not true, coding skills are now needed in so many different fields, so wherever you work at the moment, be sure that coding will help you. When it comes to the coding languages then Python is the most important, so let’s learn more about it.

What is Python?

Python is a general-purpose coding language, and by general it means that it could be used for other programming and software development types in addition to web development. This programming language is considered simple and easy to learn syntax that emphasizes readability and reduces the cost of program maintenance.

Thinking about why Python is one of the most preferred languages for programming, we have to say that this goes to its ability to be used for different things, such as back-end web and mobile app development, desktop app and software development, processing big data and performing mathematical computations, as well as writing system scripts which dictates the computer with what it should do.

Python is actually a friendly programming language to learn and start your career shift through, and on the other side, it also opens lots of job opportunities for you since it is an in-demand programming language that employers are always searching for.

Why Learn Python?

Wanting to make a change in your career could be one good answer, but there are different other good reasons for why you should actually learn Python, since it is an easy programming language at the same time. The interesting thing about Python is the fact that it could be actually used to handle a wide range of tasks, and not just with beginners, but it could be also used with web and mobile app developers, software engineers, data scientists, and almost anyone in the field of computer programming.

If you get the chance to look at a code that’s written with Python programming language, you’ll realize how easy it looks, easy to understand, and somehow easy to try. Python code syntax uses English keywords, and this is simply enough to help people from all around the world to learn it easily.

The Most Self-taught Programming Language

The whole world is now depending on the online resources, so even if you are going to learn Python through taking an online course, attending a real one, and getting a certificate, there are millions of those who are self-teaching themselves. When it comes to Python, we have to say that it is one of the easiest self-taught programming languages found out there, actually it had more than double the second-most searches and it was the top search in the UK, US, and Canada.

In addition to being the language that beginners who want to learn coding depend on, it is also the most sought-after language for cybersecurity jobs. Since most of the developers depend on Python in their work, there are currently around 9 million developers who are already using Python; and this is considered a huge number.

The Most Self-taught Programming Language

Why is Python the Perfect Choice?

Being easy to learn, and all by yourself if needed, there are some other reasons to consider when you are trying to know why Python is considered the perfect choice when it comes to learning to code.

  • Python is the Choice for Big Data

  • With the increasing amount of the generated data by the companies, choosing the right programming language for the big data is always important. In this case, Python is always considered a good choice for its easy readability and statistical analysis capacity. Also, Python has an extensive support for libraries which are useful for data analytics, visualization, numerical computing, and machine learning. Python has also a high processing speed which makes it optimal when it comes to using it with big data.

    The most important reason why Python is used with big data is having an in-built feature of supporting data processing for unconventional and unstructured data, and also being portable which is the most crucial reason when it comes to data science.

  • Python Has a Supportive User Community

  • One of the attractive things about Python is that it is an open-source coding language, which means that it is free to use and not just that, but users could also add their modifications and create their extensions. This is the second reason why Python should be a language to consider learning when it comes to coding, this open-source factor allows languages to have libraries, frameworks, and other tools that keep the Python language adaptable over the time.

  • Python is a Flexible Language

  • Python does not restrict developers from trying and developing any sort of application there is, but instead it gives them the freedom and flexibility to try something new. Beginners who are still learning to code through using Python might still not be ready to try something new or different, but experts who have already been there for a while can try something different.

  • Lots of Python Jobs with Great Salaries

  • In addition to the easiness of the programming language itself and using it with big data, it’s important to mention that learning Python will open great doors for you in the career world and this goes back to the huge number of Python jobs found out there. According to there are almost 69,000 Python related jobs out there that include every level of experience; from the beginner to the professional.

    The salary for the entry level software developer is estimated at $52,491 which means that in addition to easily finding the perfect job for you, you will also manage to land on a good salary.

There are different other languages that programmers use out there, but Python is considered suitable for those who want to learn coding through an easy language and steps. Python is also the perfect choice for startups that need to deliver under budget and ahead of schedule for its efficiency and ease of use.

If you are still considering learning coding, whether by yourself or through completing a course, you could try starting with Python, it will make things much easier for you. You could also learn to code with RoboGarden, and give your kids the chance to do so as well, through playing our coding games here.

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