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RoboGarden Coding Camp

Summer just started, which means the school year has drawn to a close. Are you are thinking about what to do with your kids? How will they get maximum benefit from their summer vacation? Are they asking to play on their phones all day? The answer is simple: enroll your children in RoboGarden's summer camp.

We've just started our summer camp, which helps kids to learn about coding in a fun and easy way. Kids learn about using RoboGarden's coding blocks to deliver orders to Robo, RoboGarden's “hero robot." When kids place these blocks in order, they learn the concept of sequencing while progressing through different levels.

The challenges start off easy, but the difficulty level increases as the kids play. Kids learn that coding is the language that mobile phones, computers, and robots use to understand what they are supposed to do. They also learn key programming concepts like loops and if-conditions.

RoboGarden missions doesn't just teach coding. They also teach many STEAM concepts. For example, kids use math to help Robo to get out of the maze using the shortest path. They also learn about angles as they make Robo rotate.

As kids progress through RoboGarden, they are introduced to robotics. They learn that robots’ brains are actually just simple computers and that their energy comes from batteries. The brain waits for an input to move and uses sensors and motors to interact with its environment in accordance with the brain’s directions.

Kids may be playing but they are also learning a lot as they move forward with Robo. Are you ready for your kids to give it a try? Start down the RoboGarden path of learning.
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