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Programming has always been a brilliant way to learn and study. However, until now, a platform that is fun and easy to use has not existed to do so. RoboGarden's code blocks and visualizer is a tool that can be used to teach any subject: Math, Social Studies Physics, Engineering, RoboGarden can do it all.

Imagine the robot is required to gather some items and put them in place in the rocket launch area before it leaves the earth. Imagine in another scenario that the robot is required to provide a certain power level to push an object with specific weight upward an incline. Physics, mechanics, earth and space sciences, all are subtly integrated. The child not only thinks through coding, the blocks that s/he should put together to solve the required mission, but also s/he thinks of the physics behind the choice. The student learns a new thing every mission. With RoboGarden, you have learning by example in its best form.

RoboGarden has carefully designed these scenarios to suit many age groups; the different learning outcomes were extracted from school curriculums and fused into the story. The learnings are then categorized by age groups.

Teachers, computer scientists, subject-matter experts, game designers, writers, and researchers who target shaping young minds to suit today’s job market are the people behind the product. Every detail is taken into consideration, testing the subjects of different age groups in physical classrooms first before transferring everything to the cloud.

• Tailoring the material to be suitable for the age of the student is done by curriculum designers
• Visual designers and media specialists choose the best way to present the concepts and augment with the environment
• The content is checked for accuracy and must be found to be engaging, and appropriate
• Software developers design and build the systems that make the curriculum and the Online platform run efficiently and effectively
• Game designers apply their skills to the max to convert these adventures into an interesting game
• Pedagogical experts design the teacher’s module and how the classroom will be managed and monitored

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Do you want to learn coding in less time than possible and without any money, join us on the best platform ever on learning coding as a game for kids?

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