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RoboGarden School Module: Student Interface

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Next up in our RoboGarden's school module series is the student interface. The student interface is one of the three pieces that RoboGarden will use to enhance your school. You can follow us on the our blog to learn about the upcoming two pieces. Just one click will keep you up to date with all ed-tech advancements and trends.

Student Interface

The student interface shows their progress through RoboGarden’s course and indicates which courses they still have to complete. The student interface has two primary features:

1. View Courses

view course page

Each student has an individualized page that opens when they log into their account. From there, the student can see all courses in which they are enrolled. They can search their courses by name, click on the journey card, or go directly to their preferred course by clicking the journey’s roadmap.

Each course has standardized features so you can understand your progress in each journey:

  • Journey icon.
  • Course name.
  • The furthest adventure the student has begun but has not yet completed .
  • Total course progress, shown as a percentage of the student’s progress of tasks out of the total tasks in the course.
  • Course start date.
  • course due date.

2. To Do

To Do Page

The To Do page shows the student their educational map. You can reach this map by clicking the “To Do” option on the navigation bar to the left. All available adventures assigned to the student will appear:

  • 1. The current adventure that the student is playing is not complete.
  • 2. The upcoming adventure has not yet started.
  • 3. A student can see the course but will not be able to access an adventure whose deadline has passed. A warning popup will appear to explain that this course has ended. The student will be given the option to keep playing with the following warnings:
  • The adventure will be marked as late on the student’s To Do page.
  • The teacher will see that the task was completed late on their report page.
  • 4. Completed adventures

Note that only the school admin can create accounts for teachers and students so that they may register.

The RoboGarden platform offers a balanced learning experience to students and teachers. It is not limited to traditional education methods, but rather leverages entertainment-education. This new type of learning helps students grow their skills in an efficient and creative way as they develop for their future. Join us and become one of RoboGarden’s students. You will know the true pleasure of learning!

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