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RoboGarden uses games to teach programming

Long ago, before the evolution of programming languages, teachers used to use games to demonstrate some to students rather than just drawing illustrations on chalkboards. For example, a teacher may have played a simple game that cast moving students as electrons and used chairs as their resistances, thus representing the concepts of electricity, electron movement, and resistance. These types of games are powerful conceptual delivery tools that engage students instead of leaving them to sit there and listen to the teacher talk. Instead, games created a fun atmosphere. That’s the way it should be done! Learning should be fun and engaging.

The same concepts apply in RoboGarden’s programs, where programming concepts, physics, engineering, math, and even arts are embedded into a gamified curriculum that engages the students and helps them learn while having tons of fun. There is a strong link between today’s education trends and the gaming industry. Edutainment is a new word for the fusion between education and entertainment. Historically, games have been cast as adversely affecting childhood concentration and discipline, but game-based education platforms have flipped these arguments and proved that games can increase focus and discipline in students. Games help kids think in a more organized and pointed manner.

Students can program and control Robo, RoboGarden’s hero robot, as they move through different adventures while learning programming along the way. As they continue to play, students will also learn about physics, earth, space sciences, math, life skills, and many other subjects covered in the K-12 curriculum that are more enjoyable to learn through games than school books.

Gamification of learning introduces motivation and engagement to the standard learning experience as users are engaged in solving problems. The main goal is to motivate learners so that they are capable of performing better. It won’t be long before you see and realize that the way games are designed is shifting. You can already see that many augmented and virtual reality games and apps have been developed to teach students about physics, biology, and life sciences. RoboGarden is now one of the leading computer science education apps.

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