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RoboGarden’s Plans and Payments

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No one can argue that RoboGarden provides a complete set of benefits to youngsters and beginner programmers through customized learning journeys with eye-catching graphics and a lot of exciting missions to choose from. The various learning outcomes are designed to cover most of the STEM subjects and are wrapped in a well-defined storyline that will keep you motivated.

If you haven’t yet tried RoboGarden’s programs, you are missing out. You can try it today by joining RoboGarden’s Hour of Code activities. Remember, you can register at any time from anywhere in the world for free. Once you have registered, you can decide which of our plans is best suited for you. Be sure you are getting your money’s worth and more.

Whether you’re a student in a traditional school, a homeschooler, or just someone who wants to learn, any user can join RoboGarden for free without providing payment information. Users can then subscribe to gain access to content that’s unavailable in our Free Plan.

Account types

Each account type (Learner, Homeschooler, and School) has its own set of available plans. Each plan grants access to specific content based on the account type. When users register as a Learner, they gain access to one journey: “Decorate the Tree from Bottom Up.” Other journeys are locked. Free Learner accounts also have access to the RoboPal module.

If the Learner wishes to unlock additional journeys, they should subscribe to a paid plan by visiting the profile page and go to the “Subscription” tab, then click the “Subscribe” button for the desired plan. Alternatively, they can hover over any locked journey and click “Unlock” or they can click the “See More” or “Locked” link on the journey card and then click the “Unlock” button.


Once the user successfully subscribes, they will be charged immediately and then again on a recurring monthly basis. They will gain access to content based on their subscription plan. Each time a monthly charge is made, the user will receive an email that includes the plan they are subscribed to and the amount they are being charged. Users can open their profile page and click the “Subscription” tab to view all available plans, including the plan to which they are currently subscribed.

Learners can upgrade their plan but cannot downgrade to a lower plan. This means any learner can upgrade from the Starter plan to the Pro plan or the Rising Coder plan and can also upgrade from the Pro plan to the Rising Coder plan. They cannot, however, downgrade from Rising Coder to Pro or Starter and can’t downgrade from Pro to Starter. All payments made to RoboGarden are securely processed through the Stripe Payment Engine.

Why wait when you can give it a try now? Register for free and start your learning journey today with RoboGarden.

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