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RoboGarden School Module: School Admin Interface

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The RoboGarden platform teaches kids to code in a fun and easy way. It is an excellent service that can act as your school’s entire programming support staff if none already exist.

RoboGarden will turn the school of your dreams into reality with as many classrooms and students as you need. You can enhance your school with a few steps that will help you make your own world using the RoboGarden platform.

RoboGarden School Module:

The RoboGarden School Module includes three interfaces:

  • 1. School Admin Interface
  • 2. Teacher Interface
  • 3. Student Interface

This article will discuss the School Admin Interface. Follow the RoboGarden blogs to catch future articles so that you can become familiar with all three interfaces.

School Admin Interface:

The RoboGarden School Admin Interface is divided into three sections that make it easy for each school admin to configure the finer details when it comes to setting up their school.

  • 1. Classroom Management

    The Classroom Management section lets the school admin see all classrooms. Classrooms can be searched by grade or by name. The school admin can also add new students or remove students who aren’t making progress.

    Before you can add a new student, you must choose a user name that includes letters, numbers or symbols. There are two methods of choosing a grade for a student: Mandatory or Dropdown.

    You have total freedom to edit the classroom, update student grades, and add new journeys. When the first teacher is added, they will become the main teacher for the classroom. The main teacher for each classroom can be changed by clicking on the name of the existing main teacher.

  • 2. Teacher Management

    The Teacher Management section lets you view all teachers. You can search teachers by first name, last name, username, or e-mail. To add a teacher, you must enter their first name and a username that can include letters, symbol, and numbers. The teacher’s password must be between 8 and 24 characters. It is important to use strong passwords.

    You can easily edit and delete all information about a teacher, including their name, username, and password. You must click on force delete button if you wish to delete the main teacher. You can also see all classrooms assigned to an individual teacher by clicking on the classroom button.

  • 3. Student Management

    The Student Management section allows you to see all students. You can search for students by grade, first name, or username. You can change the number of students shown on each page, and you can edit their usernames or passwords. To remove a student, click the checkbox that correspond to the student’s name and then click delete. You can click multiple checkboxes to delete multiple students at the same time.

    There are two methods of adding new students. To add a single student, click the “Single” button and fill in their first name and password. To add multiple students, use the CSV upload tool.

What you are waiting for? Register your school now to get the maximum benefit out of RoboGarden.

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